In attendance: Antonia Gross/Chris Smith (Co-Chairs), Liz Day, Lucie Russell, Beth Barber, Derek Hoare, Andrew Oxley, Kate Sebag (not Item 6.2).
Helen Cherry (Education Officer) attended as an observer for all but Item 6.2.

Apologies: Linsey Macdonald

1 Operational Plan and Budget for 2018/19
In approving the Plan and the Budget the Trustees noted that many expense lines were phased equally across the year rather than any attempt to phase the fluctuating nature of many items.
The Trustees were assured by the Director that the target for grant income to cover staff salaries was realistic and the ‘container’ conversion was to a ‘full’ office.

2 New building: defining the need?
The Trustees adopted the document as the way forward. It further agreed that it should be uploaded to the website with a link on the Newsletter, to provide information for our volunteers and to encourage feedback.
During the discussion possible links with other evening activities was raised from which it was agreed to have an Agenda Item at the next meeting to consider the information on ‘competitors’ with particular reference to facilities and pricing; a competitor analysis. Action: LD

3 What is ‘sustainability’?
In introducing this item, CS suggested that in developing the 5 year business plan we need to answer the question ‘What sort of place do we want BPCP to be at the end of the period?’
After reviewing the papers the Trustees agreed that by financial sustainability we should try to reduce our dependency on restricted grants for staff to 35% of our income (65% non-grant), acknowledging that all our activities (however paid for) have an educational purpose.

4 Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation
The Trustees noted that compliance was a legal requirement and thus no formal decision was required. They passed a Vote of Thanks to CS and LMcD for their work in ensuring compliance.

5 Management accounts
Before introducing the Accounts, AJO advised the meeting of the progress in the hand over from RHL particularly the progress, albeit slow, in bank mandate changing and PayPal updating.
AJO noted that some of the anomalies of the previous month had been corrected and the PayPal income was now included. He pointed out that the reserves on the restricted funds were sufficient to cover the salaries (at the current level) until May 2019.
He circulated the most recent bank statement, as agreed.

6 Staff Reports and contracts
6.1 Kate (and Helen) answered questions on the staff reports. The Trustees noted the success of the twilight meeting at SLBI and the new BTEC Horticultural session with Elm Court School.
6.2 The Trustees agreed with the proposals to extend, by additional 3 months the contract of Kate Sebag, Helen Cherry and Catherine Graham.
6.3 The Trustees agreed to increase the working time of Kate, Helen and Catherine Stevens by one day per calendar month commencing in April 2018.
6.4 AJO advised the Trustees of the increase in employer (and employee) contributions starting in April 2018

7 Minutes of previous meeting
7.1 AG informed the Trustees that it had been decided to stagger the recruitment of the new Trustees and the role of the Volunteer Fund Raiser Trustee had been defined. KS reported the advertisements for this role would be placed in the coming week.
7.2 AJO requested the meeting to note the intention was that AG, CS & KS should be on the bank mandate, in addition to the Treasurer.
7.3 The minutes of the meeting were approved.

KS advised the Trustees that she had raised objections to Field Day/Mighty Hoopla Festival which is planned for Friday, 1 June to Sunday, 3 June with two key meetings to be scheduled. The Festival organisers are meeting with Brockwell Park Community Partners (BPCP) on Sunday, 25 March, with a query as to who can attend this. The Lambeth Licensing Committee hearing is on Wednesday 4 April at 7.00 pm. It was agreed that AG/LR would attend.

Post meeting note: Item 8, as only one person may attend, it will be AG.