Minutes of a meeting of Trustees held on Wednesday 24th November 2021, 6.30pm
at Stradella Road.


In attendance

Christopher Smith (Chair),  Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Lawrence Osei-Kwaku (Secretary), Janet Worth, Dr David Roy, Joshua Piercey , Scarlett Kassimatis, Dr Janagan Alagarajah, Katharina Bauer.

Kate Sebag (Director).

Attendees to be co-opted to the board.

Richard Whiting and Mrs  Earline Hilda Castillo-Binger




  • Chair’s remarks

The chairman welcomed new Trustees to their first board meeting and reiterated the legal  status of the charity as a company and the collective legal  responsibility of all its board members.


  • Trustees  co-opted

Richard Whiting and Mrs. Earline Hilda Castillo-Binger and welcomed them to the board.


Management accounts review –

Andrew asked for the board’s approval for changes made to the previous accounts, i.e. accounts not showing the receipt of government grants.

Retail sales were down. Margins were the same as last year. There was overspending on insurance and legal fees due to VAT registration. We have £17,000 above what is needed  for the reserves policy.

Andrew mentioned that he needed to investigate the accounting treatment for assets under construction and how grants for those assets are accounted for.

  •   The board  approved an amendment to the C&F policy  required to satisfy the charity’s new VAT status.


  • Trustees agreed that the £100,000 legacy

received in July 2018  be committed to building the barn.

The board  resolved to continue the building subcommittee on the amended terms to provide governance on the disbursements for building the barn.  Joshua questioned why members who are not trustees cannot be on the sub committee.


  • Trustees were informed  by the chair of the discovery of asbestos on the barn building site and the steps being taken to remove them. This made the building of the barn more than 10 days behind schedule.
  • Trustees were informed of the damage to the Eastern structure of the volunteer kitchen due to lack of maintenance as a result of which there will be a variation to the contract to accommodate its repair. This will be discussed by the BSC,


The board gave a vote of thanks to Derek Hoare for his help in sorting out the asbestos removal.

  • Joshua mentioned that a  licence for selling alcohol late (after 11pm) will not be applied for. Josh will send an email round once Steph has finished organising the document. He will submit an application for the waiving of a designated premises supervisor.


  • Trustees delegated a Future Planning Sub Committee,  to develop, consult and adopt a new 5 year  plan for  2023-28, All trustees volunteered to  serve on it, with Joshua as the chair.
  •  First meeting of the FPSC was scheduled for  6:30PM on

Wednesday 1st December to be held at Victoria Heights.


  • Janet Worth was nominated to the position of Data Protection Officer


Staff reports

  • Andrew wanted to know  if the local authority schools were returning after the pandemic. Kate confirmed they were indeed returning.
  • Jana wanted to know about the security  of the premises after the breach. Chris elaborated the new security which has been put in place.


  • Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the board.

Katharina Bauer, and Scarlett Kassimatis summarised the responses to and led the discussion on the questionnaire sent to existing trustees.



Andrew mentioned that he may be leaving the board at the next general election. The board will deal with succession at the next meeting.

Note: next Trustees’ Meetings are on:

19th January , 16th March, 18th May, 20th July, 14th September,  with AGM on  Sunday 25th September.