In the garden this week, we will be harvesting our red and black currants and our Josta berries. While in the woodland area, we will also weed inside the fruit cages, and around the other fruit trees where it is getting a bit overgrown.

The Orchard Project featured in last week’s Gardeners Question Time are kindly giving us some low growing woodland ground cover plants – sweet woodruff, violets, and claytonia sibirica – to plant out in the woodland. You can watch Jo Homan from the Orchard Project  andother BPCG GQTs plus other little shorts on our Youtube channel here  We are now taking a summer break from GQT but will resume in the Autumn.

It’s time to take more mint, lavender, sage and lemon verbena cuttings. We also need to pot on some dwarf sunflowers and to start our calloused Jade plant leaf cuttings rooting.

We will be harvesting delicious carrots and yellow, green and purple French beans.

As space becomes available in our vegetable beds through harvesting, we will be direct sowing dill and parsley in the free space.

Some DIY this week – so our visitors can hand sanitise easily, we are setting up 4 stationary hand sanitising points around the site this week.  We are also going to paint anti climb paint on the gate railings to the walled garden.  We will be making signs for our most exciting ornamental plants as well as to alert volunteers to where our underground leaky irrigation hoses are to avoid people inadvertently damaging them by puncturing them with the sharp tines of garden forks.

We will get the Passive Greenhouse ready for rehousing our succulent collection by putting up shade netting and installing a fan.

In the shop this week, we have for sale Chillies ‘Numex Twilight’, Coleus, Begonia, Canna, Nasturtium, Brugmansia, French Marigold, Abutilon, succulents and cacti in ceramic cups, dwarf sunflowers, herbs, freshly harvested Kale, carrots and French Beans, gooseberry and rhubarb jams, herb salts and rosemary and lemon balm cordial.

Drawing from the Roots – a new Garden Art Group is starting on Monday August 17th 1pm to 2.30pm. Cat and her colleague Andrea Heath are starting a regular outdoor Monday afternoon workshop for art and nature lovers where you can explore the creative benefits that emerge in a  space where art, community and nature meet. To find out more please contact Cat on 07534 273844 or email:

Outdoor Yoga starts again with Sally on the lower garden decking on this Saturday 18th July 11am to 12.30pm. For more information and to book go here 

We are very sorry that Helen Cherry, our wonderful children and family officer, is leaving at the end of July to start up a new life in Norfolk with her boyfriend Tommy.  We are going to miss her!  We don’t yet have any core salary funding for the Children and Family team but of course wish to keep this fantastic programme running as best as we can  – even with the depleted participant numbers that are necessitated by Covid.  Cathy Graham is running the programme in August and then in September, Beth Barber is fulfilling a custodial role for the children and family programme over the Autumn and Winter period.

South London Maker Space are ‘looking for volunteers in the local area to help us sew as many face masks as we can to give out to our local community. We are donating the masks to people in need and have so far been able to hand out hundreds of them. If you are in the local areas in or around Herne Hill and would like to help us reach our goal of 1000+ masks please get in contact with us ‘   Maker Space will also be giving BPCG some masks for distribution to local people in need.

Incredible Edible Lambeth is hosting on this Thursday 16th July at 5.30pm a Biodiversity Emergency webinar on Zoom. For full details go here. ‘We are bringing together key witnesses to the biodiversity crisis, as well as an Environmental Officer from Lambeth Council (author of the latest Biodiversity Action Plan for the borough) and Professor Dave Goulson, author of Bee Quest and The Garden Jungle, Judy Ling Wong, Founder of London National Park City and President of Black Environment Network, Nick Mole of the Pesticide Action Network and Sophie Leguil of More than Weeds. We hope that this event will help us to understand the severity of the crisis as well as give us all practical steps as to how we can encourage biodiversity in our green spaces.’ Register your interest on Eventbrite via our webpage here