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In our third Creative Garden workshop, Doug and Cat will be exploring the amazing process of photosynthesis used by plants which enables them to make sugars using the power of the sun.

Did you know that leaves act rather like mobile solar panels? Plants work hard to position their leaves in such a way that they catch as much light as possible.

Have you ever wondered why light is so important for leaves, why leaves are green and what makes them the powerhouse of plants?

Doug and Cat will answer these questions and also help you understand the conditions that affect the rate of growth in plants.

You will soon begin to get a handle on the science and plants will become even more fascinating than they already are to you!

These Creative Garden sessions are a great mix of hands on learning and plant science.  Show up just before 11am, dressed in warm clothes you don’t mind getting mucky, and sturdy boots and shoes.  If you have gardening gloves, bring them along. If not, we can lend. Most of these sessions are FREE * but so we know you are coming, please book on  *For Willow Weaving (1st April) and Hanging Basket Making (27th May)we make a modest charge of £15 to cover the willow structures and baskets that you take away with you.

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