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Our greenhouses were built in 1981. They’re not worn out but they are beginning to need a bit more than annual cleaning. We’re going to start this year by renovating the lower greenhouse. We need your help.

We’re going to be stripping out the greenhouse removing all the beds, piping and weeds. Then after the glaziers have replaced all the polycarbonate with glass and the electricians have installed lighting and sockets we are going to be replacing all the various services.

Renovate! is a workshop that will happen on Sunday mornings once per month until August 2019. Anybody can help and we’d like a core team to sign up here so that we can manage scheduling the work. We don’t expect you’ll be able to make every session but hope you’ll be able to come to many of them.

The free ticket below means you can come to any or all of the workshops.

You can download the full schedule for the renovation.

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