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We produce 30 tons of compost every year and it doesn’t make itself. Successful composting requires attention to the particle size and relative composition of the heap between green and brown waste as well as ensuring that the heap is aerated.

We rot our horse manure and bedding pretty successfully getting the internal temperature up to 65 degrees C., but our own green waste is harder to get up to this temperature. We’re determined to do better in this coming year and this composting workshop is the way we’re going to achieve this. We need the high temperature to kill off any weed seeds in the compost otherwise, when we use it as a mulch, we are just spreading weeds.

The group will be led by Tony Davis – our compost curator with support from Cat. This is a practical and strenuous workshop as we’ll be turning the heaps regularly and we’ll also be reducing the overall particle size in the heap by chopping, cutting and breaking up compostable material into smaller pieces. You’ll also learn to use our chipper/shredder to reduce brush wood to shreds to layer among the green waste.

The course runs from November until July and, since there is only so much space in the composting area, is limited to 7 participants. It will run on the 2nd Sunday of the month and completes our annual workshop series. This workshop is for registered BPCG volunteers.

There is a £5 registration charge to try to reduce speculative booking

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