We are continuing to produce lots of great plants and produce for our little organic BPCG shop. We’d like to have the shop open on Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun but we need volunteers to run the shop. If you can help out on the shop for one or two hours, please sign up here. If you haven’t already been inducted as a volunteer, don’t worry, we can give you a rapid induction and training on the shop!


When walking through our woodland you will see that our fruit bushes, red, black and white currant plus gooseberries and jostaberry have all flowered and there is a good fruit set. Now all we need to do is ensure the fruit bushes remain reasonably watered enabling the fruit to swell and also to protect the developing fruits from interested birds. With the currants, the moment the fruit starts turning from green to red the birds suddenly have them on their radar. Therefore it is always good to net fruits bushes well before this colour change happens! This week we will cover the soft fruit cages with nets.

We have a mass of beans germinating in the greenhouse, including runner beans and dwarf French beans. Once the nights have warmed up sufficiently to no longer have frosts we can prepare the ground ready for planting the beans out into the garden.

Our outside vegetable beds need regular weeding, and we will also be doing a spring tidy up around the banks of our pond.

Last week we sowed our squashes and courgettes and gherkins, and by now these should have germinated. These are large fast growing plants!

Around the garden we have been putting up more informative new signs around the garden. We hope you like them when you next come to BPCG.  There are some great new ones by Claire Ganly on bats and their habitats and habits attached to the large sycamore in the Upper Raised Bed area where one of our bat roosting boxes is.

In other BPCG news, do book a spot with Sally’s Outdoor Yoga on the Decking at BPCG.  11 to 12.30 in the morning for Slow Flow or in the afternoon 2 til 3.  Book here on Sally’s web site https://www.naturalconnection.org.uk/yoga-for-all