Garden Meeting 22 Oct 2017

1 Decking Platform

  • changes to original plan
  • Decking now will be on one level     Jo to do this with help from volunteers later this weektall posts to be reduced in size
  • firepit not yet approved by Lambeth
  • Slip and Trip Hazard discussed, the surface will have a non slip surface
  • Width of steps from wall to be reduced to protect adjacent bed
  • Water supply to be moved nearer to decking no date for this

2 Reporting accidents

Accident Book has legal status so incidents should be recorded. person closest to event will inform lead volunteer/gardener,

  • date, time, nature of accident will be record in book
  • Details of accidents to be reviewed three monthly with view to improving behaviour and/or working methods

3 Squash Beds

  • Bed to be raised and existing frame to be reinforced
  • Team needed to do this
  • Doug to measure, price and order sleepers

4 Passive Greenhouse

Work proceeding satisfactorily

  • Barrels not correct size replacements will be sourced, so that they and solar panel should be installed by Dec 2017
  • Need to explain passive heating but must be done correctly
  • Passive Greenhouse Workshops (6-8 people) Kate to organise poss by end Nov
  • Doug willing to do this and will contact Helen(Education ) with view to having leaflet that can be used for this purpose by education dept.
  • Over winter Doug needs to calibrate the various circumstances and effects that will influence the temperature of the greenhouse to achieve the desired effect

5 Compost Bays

  • Signs needed to indicate which material should be deposited
  • Important that boards are replaced in the correct order and in the correct bay they will be numbered and colour coded


Morgan, graffiti artist and totem pole artist is applying for funds to work on Sycamore stump

11 November Party

Need volunteers to set up 1800-2000



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