1 Site questions

Decking – removal of pipe work  on back walls behind old boiler house agreed. Design of seating and window boxes to be discussed and approved at Garden Meeting and by email.
Protection of area around Mulberry to prevent compaction, will be forked over and mulch applied.
Firepit “use of” discussed. Permission needs to be sought from Lambeth to be able to use one.
Lower Greenhouse –  pipe removal?  Cost? Disposal? no decision. Discussion of value of metal. Chris & Kate to look into scrap merchants who may be interested.
Upper Greenhouse – Aquaponics ? would need daily maintenance and power.  Robin will research further.
Passive Greenhouse – What to grow? Salads? Houseplants?    Workshops for adults and kids scheduled for early new year. One large bed suggested rather than staging at front of PG.
Herb Garden  –  proposal to return to original layout i.e. removal of some paths, agreed.
Water conservation – Lambeth has advised our water use will be metered in future.  A small working party will meet to consider the options available. If you have  specialist skills in this area  please contact Cat or Chris.
Secure Donation Boxes – we need to find one or two of these. They could be emptied at end of every day. On them, would say “If you enjoyed your visit, please contribute to our funds to keep BPCG beautiful….” or words to that effect!

2. Review of events in 2017  –  General approval of all events.  Preference for gigs to come as late as possible in the day so as not to interfere with gardening activities.

3 Review of site hire  –   although they are a valuable source of income all events were not perceived as being totally acceptable and should not interfere with the normal working of the garden.    Clear and agreed parameters should be established before hire and strictly observed.

4 Volunteer Representative – There was discussion of the need for a new role of Volunteer Representative.   Kate and Paul agreed to write a paper to be presented to the first Garden Meeting in January on this.

Additional Notes from Garden Meeting Sunday 3rd December

1) Further detailed discussion of site hire and events, looking at the advantages and the dis-advantages for BPCG.

2) Green woodworking:  in 10 days time Paul will be bringing some milled wood (mostly for chair making) and sorting it in the green woodworking area. Please do not use this wood until you have discussed it with Paul.

3) Liz is organising Garden Museum trip 19th jan from 2pm to 4pm.  All welcome.  Details to be put out in weekly garden email.

4) Liz- ideas about us doing Thank giving displays next year incorporating decorative Gourds, along with possibly more wreath making workshops.

5) In January, we need to sort out use of the open sheds.  Chris is also looking actively into conversion of Pond Container so can be used as an office.

6) BPCG closed from 25th Dec until Saturday 6th Jan.