Garden Notes 7th November

In the garden the days are getting shorter and the nights colder. This means that any tender plants, those which will be damaged by low temperatures will need either to be brought inside or given protection against the frost. Recently we brought in our Agave plants and put them in the upper greenhouse for winter protection. However there are other plants we will be leaving outside and covering with horticultural fleece. This week we will be checking the plants in the herb garden and covering some including the house leeks, and the ginger. 

There’s more work to do in the herb garden. The soil in much of the herb beds is compacted and has poor structure. We’ll be carefully breaking up the soil and adding  fine gravel to improve drainage. Breaking up the ground allows air to penetrate the soil which is important because plant roots need to breathe. We’ll also be removing fallen leaves especially those which have fallen onto our herbs where if left they might cause them to rot. 

We’ve almost completed clearing the vegetable beds for this year. In the upper four crop we still have to rake the beds and sow a winter hardy green manure. And in the front borders we’ll be weeding and cutting back plants that have gone over. 

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