Gigs, Butterflies and AGMs

The garden is enjoying the recent rain, and is beginning to look bosky again. The Edible Jungle in the Lower Greenhouse is also getting seriously….well jungley! So do pop in and visit it in its last weeks. We will begin harvesting its roots and tubers in earnest in October in preparation for our Eat Up Our Jungle Feast on Sunday October 23rd.  Also take a look at our Hot! border in the Walled Garden. It’s still looking fantastic.

It was a busy Sunday last weekend. At lunchtime, Chris, Alessandra and Caz served up scores of pizzas from the Cob Oven.

Then in the afternoon, for our Gig@theGreenhosues, musicians You are Wolf and iyatraQuartet drew in more than 60 people.  The music was fantastic and our guests also loved the chance to see and learn a bit more about the gardens and greenhouses. Our teas and baked snacks were also a big hit.  There is a feeling we should  serve tea and snacks to the public (in return for donations) every Sunday. If you like the idea, and would like to help out with this do let me know.

Many thanks to Albert, Liz, Ursula, Lucie, Vincent, Andy, Doug, Marco, Alessandra, Caz, Chris, Rory, Beth and everyone else who chipped in for all the extra help in making Sunday work so well.  The feedback has been uniformly positive with one person giving us 10 out of 5!
Filmmaker Jon Fitzgerald captured much of the day on camera so I will let you know when the edited version of his film is ready for viewing online.

Thanks are due too to Andy and Doug for transporting our wheat off for threshing and milling at The Brixton Windmill last Sunday.  This was for an Open Day celebrating 200 years of the Windmill. Andy Forbes from Brockwell Bake who helped us select and plant our heritage wheat varieties tells me that there are proposals for a Lambeth Loaf in the offing. I will keep you posted.

Looking forward….

This week, we will continue to turn and size reduce our compost, as we dig it out of bays 3, 4, 5 and 6 in preparation for repairing and improving these bays. The stag beetles are also moving house – not far away but back to the woodland wall to give the walnut tree a little more space to breathe!  We will also be shifting a whole load of brush and wood to the
perimetre of the woodland again creating more wildlife habitat both with brush piles and deadhedging along the metal railings adjacent to the park.

We have some extra help in this week.  The Care Quality Commission are coming in on Thursday and Santander Bank on Friday. Each group will have approximately 10 volunteers.

Our AGM is this Sunday 25th September at 2pm.  Please do come along to help us vote for the BPCG Chair(s), new Trustees, and contribute to discussions on the year that has passed and the year that is to come….and help us eat and drink up lots of cake, biscuit and tea!

On Tuesday 27th September, we have the opportunity to visit the Queens Gallery near Buckingham Palace. This is a free trip offered to us as a community organisation. We will be looking at the fabulous Maria Merian Butterflies exhibition
Those who wish to will also have the chance to try their hand at some sketching and watercolours. I am so looking forward to this outing!  If you would like to come, please let me know by this Friday.

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