This week in the garden we will begin the regular harvesting of fruit on our many fruit bushes including gooseberries, loganberries and boysenberries. Later in the year we hope to use some of this fruit to make jams.

Some of our vegetables we will be harvesting as ‘cut and come again’, in other words a form of continuous harvesting in small quantities over a longer period of time. These will include our chard, kales and broccoli.

We have harvested all our autumn planted onions, shallots and garlics, and now we just need to keep an eye on them as they cure. To cure these vegetables is a process of allowing the outer skins to dry out fully thereby ensuring that they will keep well for months to come, and be ready for us to use in our food workshops later in the year.

In the spaces created in the vegetable beds where we have harvested our first crops we will be filling these by sowing fast growing vegetables including carrots, radishes, salads and dwarf french beans.

We will be giving the garden a general tidy including weeding the edges of paths so that the garden can look its best for when the RHS judges come to visit us next week.