At this week’s BPCG Gardeners Question Time, on Saturday 4th July at 2pm to 3pm, we have  as our guest speaker, Nemone Mercer of Core Landscapes. Core Landscapes transforms vacant urban land into hubs for community engagement through horticulture, design, workshops, training and events. It’s gonna be dead good.  Ask questions, listen to Nemone. Join us on Zoom here.  

Meeting ID: 857 9257 1646, Password: 045500
If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can catch up on our Youtube channel here

This week at the greenhouses, we will be sowing more multi seed basil pots – sweet, red leaved and Thai. We will propagate more garden mint too from stem and root cuttings.

This is a good time to cut back your vigorous hedges so we will be cutting back the Laurel behind the boysenberry bushes.

If you would like a good workout we are knocking down the brick walls of the cold frames that run along the side of the upper greenhouse. This is in preparation for renovating the greenhouse wall.

We will be checking and watering the cuttings we took last week which include gooseberry cuttings, French lavender (Lavendula Dentata), the curry plants, and the green sage.  We will be taking cuttings of Equisetum hyemale which we will leave in water until they start to produce roots. There are more succulents to pot up and make pretty for sales.

The tomatoes, chillies and Canna lilies all need feeding with a high potash feed.

The time for collecting seed heads is upon us! We will start by collecting browning poppy seedbeds and hanging these to dry in the cuttings room at the back of the greenhouse. We will be using these for dry flower bouquets in the Autumn and for making Christmas wreaths.

For Sale this week, flowering tomato plants in 2 litre pots which you will harvest from in the last half of August. £2.50 each or 5 for £10. Pollination is at a high at this time in the summer so you should get loads of tomatoes per plant! Also for sale: Begonia, Canna, Nasturtium, red and white Cosmos, Penstemon, Chrysanthemums, Brugmansia and 3 types of basil and mint, 3 BPCG fruit jams, elderflower cordial, Herb Salts and South London honey.

The Empathy Museum are asking BRIXTON/HERNE HILL LOCALS to nominate someone who has made a difference to your lockdown experience. Shopkeeper, bus driver, neighbour, mum, or anyone? They could have done something big or small, or just made you smile. To nominate someone to have their photo and audio recording taken, send your nomination to with the subject line ‘Nomination’ or text 07562015163. Please include your name and contact details and who your nomination is. Also just a couple of sentence about why you have nominated this person.  Deadline by Friday 3rd July.  All recordings and photographs of your nominee will adhere to social distancing. That’s really all you need to know but check out the flier here if you want to circulate to others.

Finally to help us raise funds for the charity, we would like to offer you the possibility of hiring our beautiful gardens for small private parties or functions. If this is something that interests you please reply to this email and we can send you more information.