This week at the BPCG online shop, we have lots of great dwarf bean plants and lots of delicious elderflower cordial Kate made from BPCG elderflowers.  We also have limited numbers of cucumbers, sweet dumpling squash (striped), bush tomatoes, mint and rosemary.  Flowering plants include Foxgloves (2nd year so should flower 2020), Aquilegia, Clary Sage, Brugmansia and Japanese Indigo (which will especially excite dye plant enthusiasts).  Brockwell jams and honey are also still available. Visit our online shop here and then come collect at BPCG at your pre-booked time Thurs/Fri/Sat.

A small plug for Dwarf Beans!  They are a compact plant that doesn’t need staking like runner beans or peas. They are easy to grow and withstand dry conditions. They leave the soil in good condition after cropping because of the nitrogen built up on their roots. With this lovely warm weather its a perfect time to plant out these fast growing beans. 

Catch up on our Garden news below – or for live updates and lively gardening debates, join our Zoom BPCG Gardeners Question Time this Saturday at 2pm to 3pm. Join here.  This Saturday, Fabrice Boltho Community Gardener at Myatts Park Greenhouses is our guest. Fabrice was instrumental in establishing BPCG and is a fund of horticultural knowledge. He also knows loads about mushrooms.  This Saturday is a great chance for you to ask Fabrice questions and to find out more about BPCG’s history too.  If you can’t make this Sat, have a look at all our episodes on Youtube here.  Any questions you’d like to put to the panel, reply to this email by Friday night, or put your question direct to the panel on the day.

A little bit of pre-Covid musical nostaglia for you this week – Josh has made three short Lockdown listenings showing a selection of our Greenhouse gigs over the last couple of years.  Watch these here. More to come soon.

Garden jobs for this week: we will be planting out our courgette plants into the upper 4 crop bed. Then our cucumbers will go into the narrow bed that runs along the foot of the heritage wall. We will also plant up the squash bed with four varieties of squash, Sweet Dumpling ( acorn squash), Butternut, Uchiki and Custard White patty pan squash. 

At this time of year it is especially important to keep an eye out for pests on our plants. Last week saw us tackling black fly on our broad beans and orange aphids on our chilli plants! We need to be particularly watchful for greenhouse pests as they can spread very quickly in conditions that they find ideal.  

This week’s seed sowing task: more dwarf sunflowers!

Thanks to the Lambeth tree team, we have plenty of bark chip to lay on our woodland paths. We will weed first, then lay down the chip.

Phew! after all of that, you’ll need some relaxing yoga.  As part of the Chelsea Fringe, BPCG resident yoga teacher Sally Ramsden is giving a free Yoga session for garden lovers on Saturday 23rd May at 3pm to 4pm. For more information and to book go here.  To join other Sally Yoga classes held throughout the week, go here for details.

Sending you all our best wishes from the Greenhouses