We are really chuffed to be announced as winners of the Growing Wild category in the 2020 #UrbanFoodAwards. It’s a big honour. Thank you to everyone at BPCG for making this happen!

This week in the garden, we will be doing some nursery work in the greenhouse on Thursday morning and putting up and maintaining signs in the afternoon. On Friday we’ll be oiling and varnishing all our wooden furniture. On Saturday we will be making more Green Tomato Ferments and more Dill infused Vinegar. The former will require a week of ‘burping’ – that’s a once a day release of any carbon dioxide that will build up in the fermentation jars!  If you want to try making Green Tomato Ferments at home, this is a lovely variation on Green Tomato chutney and highly recommended.  Find the recipe here.

On Saturday, we are also going to be making a big batch of Rosemary Herb Salts and jarring up lots of dried Lemon Verbena Leaves as well as our delicious Apple and Chilli Relish.

We’ll be continuing our Seed Saving and Drying.  This week, we’ll be collecting and drying Evening Primrose, Morning Glory, Nicotiana and Hollyhocks. All are available in the Shop for a donation.

On Sunday, we are holding our first Border workshop of ‘the term’ and from 4pm we will be getting set up for our socially distanced outdoor gig with iyatraQuartet. (details below)

We are starting a BPCG Volunteer Whatsapp Group – With Covid restricting the time BPCG volunteers normally would have for meeting up in person to chat and exchange inspiring ideas, we think it’s high time we set up a Whatsapp group for volunteers.  The group will be a place to share ideas, thoughts, inspirations and aspirations. We’d expect the discussions to be broadly related to things dear to most BPCG-ers’ hearts like the environment, wildlife, nature, gardening, climate change and of course stuff related to BPCG, and maybe too they will go off on interesting other tangents…..

When this happens, a moderator will encourage the setting up of a separate Whatsapp group (e.g. ‘Vegetable Orchestras’ or ‘Orchid Cultivation’ or whatever we decide). Members of the main BPCG Volunteer Whatsapp group will be informed of the new smaller group and can ask to join.

A moderator will also pick up any questions directly related to BPCG and answer them. We’ll set aside time each week (probably on Saturdays) to do this.

To join, simply add your name to the digital sign-up sheet on the BPCG laptop on site – a moderator will then add you to the Whatsapp group.  Please be sure to adhere to read and follow our  Code of Conduct. In the (extremely unlikely) event that Volunteers are unable to follow the Code of Conduct we reserve the right to remove Volunteers from the Group at any time.

The wonderful iyatraQuartet whose drummer is BPCG volunteer and music therapist Will Roberts, are celebrating the release of their vinyl album ‘Break the Dawn’ by playing a live OUTSIDE gig on Sunday October 4th 5.30 to 7.30. For more information and to book, please go here.  We will ensure that seating is fully socially distanced and outdoors.  This will be a fab gig!  Read the reviews, listen before hand but be sure to come for some live sounds on Sun 4th. We’d love to see you!

We need 3 more people to volunteer to help at the Gig on Sun 4th.  Please sign up on the volunteer spreadsheet if you can be at BPCG from 4pm to 8pm for this.  Many thanks.

Sally’s outdoor Yoga has now finished for 2020. However she is hard at work investigating indoor premises in Herne hill area so the group can continue to practice throughout the cold months of 2020/21. We will keep you posted. Meanwhile for all her online classes, contact Sally on sallyconnecting@gmail.com 

Andy’s Outdoor Tai Chi however is continuing on Sats 9am to 10am.  To book go here.