This week, we have sown more tomatoes and herbs, including Thai basil and flat leafed parsley, green and bronze leafed fennel, and five varieties of dwarf beans: Red Swan  (heritage), Primavera, Purple Teepee (deep purple pods), Sonesta ( yellow pods)  and Velour. These beans are fast growing, high yielding, and easy to pick.  Around 30cm in height, they are good for small spaces, need little support and you can easily grow them in containers. Our 5 bean selection will be ready for sale in around two weeks time. 

Our heated propagators are full! At the moment the pots containing our squashes, gherkins, courgettes and cucamelons are enjoying the additional warmth these propagators provide which encourages faster germination of our cucurbit seeds. 

On Thursday, Michael will finish off his specialist sparkie work to get electricity to the lower greenhouse. All that is now left for us to do is to fill in the trench containing the electrical cable with the specified amount of sand and then soil. Then we will clean up the back path of the herb garden. 

In the herb garden and in the woodland, we need to support two tall rambling roses and the green gauge and damson trees.

We have some new plants for sale for online ordering and later collection, including Aenomones, Herbs: Parsley, Basil, Mint, Perennials: Clary Sage and Sedum and of course South London honey. Go here to place your order for booked collection Thurs/Fri/Sat.

We are aware that quite a few of you have grown seedlings at home.  Maybe you are groaning a bit at the quantities you have cleverly managed to oversow! What were you thinking?  Why did so many germinate? Why did so many others not?  Not to worry, we have come up with a seedling swap plan!  NOT TO TAKE PLACE AT BPCG but by putting you in touch with each other to organise indepdendent swaps or gifts. Go to this spreadsheet for more details or if you are nervous of spreadsheets etc. reply to this email with your ‘swap’.

If you missed the BBC2 showing of Farmers Country Showdown and BPCG at the Lambeth Country Show you can watch it again on Iplayer here.  We found it to be very cheering! We share the programme with the brilliant Vauxhall City Farm.

This week’s Gardeners Question Time with Josh in the chair continues on Saturday at 2pm. Join in by clicking this link.  Listen in and watch, or if you’d like to ask a question please if possible reply to this email with your question, or of course take your chance and put the panel on the spot on the day!  We continue to put photos of BPCG up on our Google Photo Album here and there are nice little films on our Youtube channel here including a Spring walk around the site by Kate.

Will Roberts, BPCG volunteer and drummer in iyatraQuartet have launched their new wonderful album ‘Break the Dawn’.  Do watch and listen to their launch film on Youtube here. It’s totally transporting. It also features the Greenhouses looking very beautiful about 5 mins 45 secs in but listen to the whole thing!

Jelena’s next Food Fermentation class on Zoom is on Saturday May 9th 11am to 1pm. For more details on how to book, go here . Highly recommended!

Yoga with Sally continues on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For more details on timings and how to join go here Lots of BPCG-ers are joining and enjoying chats after the session and looking forward to being back on the lower garden decking for outdooor yoga hopefully in the not too distant future.

Singing with Emma is on Wednesdays at 4pm. All are welcome to join in, following details here

Volunteer Lulu Luckock is doing some social and emotionally connected activities live on Instagram @simplefamilyconnection on Mondays and Fridays at 4.30.  Do join.

A future date for your diaries.   Tune into radio 4 on Sunday 10th May at 7.45am or 9.25pm to hear The Orchard Project’s patron, Alys Fowler doing a Radio 4 appeal to help raise funds for The Orchard Project.  Cat and Dafydd both had excellent training with the Orchard Project and we are fans and friends of theirs.  Please tell your friends.  Here is the link

Finally, please do remember that we have a long list of volunteers offering to help with any food shopping, dog walking, phone calls or any other tasks / favours that can be done so do get in touch by replying to this email, if you could do with any assistance or know of others who could benefit.