We wanted to keep you in touch with what we are trying to get on with at the Greenhouses with a ‘skeleton team’ during our Corona closure.

We will finish installing an automated irrigation system in the Upper Greenhouse.

We will be doing some brick breaking as we clear the last obstructions in the 75cm deep trench that has been dug to run the new electrical cable to the lower greenhouse to give it power. This trench also needs to be lined with sand. 

We will complete the soil preparation of the gate borders ready for this Sunday when they will be planted up to BPCG volunteer and garden designer Maia Beresford’s gorgeous planting design.   We were able to buy the plants thanks to funding from Western Riverside Environment Fund.

We will install leaky hose to irrigate the recently raised upper 4 crop beds.

In the greenhouse the young cordon tomatoes plants are ready to come out of the heated propagator and be potted up. 

We will check and see if the salad veg sown last week has germinated. These are destined for a salad bed in the upper 4 crop and the varieties grown will include Lettuce Senorita, Mizuna, Pak Choi, and Lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos.

In the upper 4 crop we will be directly sowing four varieties of Chard, Bright Lights (multi coloured), Swiss Chard (white stemmed), Rhubarb Chard  (delicate pink) and Sunset Chard (yellow stems).

In the smallest bed we will sow two varieties of spinach, Samish and New Zealand. These should provide us with fresh leaves on a regular basis. 

We will be checking our broad beans and pinching out growing tips once bean pods begin to appear at base of stem. It is also important to start checking the bean plants for pests and diseases. With broad beans, aphids are the most common pest. A forceful spray of water aimed directly at aphid-covered plants is a good way to get rid of them.