On Sunday 3rd February 11am to 1pm, Cat is running the next in her series of Edible Garden workshops. We will be looking at plants’ needs for water and examining a few different irrigation systems including laying a leaky hose irrigation in one of our long vegetable beds.  The workshop is free but please book here so we know you are coming.

On Sunday 10th February 10am to 1pm, Chris is running his free monthly workshop ‘Make a Kitchen Garden in 10 Easy Steps’.  All are welcome to join. More details here. Please come wrapped up for a 10am start.

On Saturday 16th February 1.30pm to 4pm, Jelena is running a Winter Fermentation workshop in the BPCG kitchens. This is a paid for workshop which you can book for here.  There are two free places for BPCG volunteers so if you are interested in learning about fermentation and can help Jelena with some prepping from 12.30pm and clearing up afterwards, please let Kate know on director@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk  Jelena’s fermentation workshops will take place every 3rd Saturday of the month throughout 2019.

You probably know that we have a cob oven at BPCG and we hope you have tasted some of the delicious pizzas and roast veg we made last year.  If you would like to learn to light and use the cob oven and are prepared to volunteer for at least one of our proposed Sunday Pizza Days in 2019 please contact Chris chair@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk  as we really need a few more ‘firemasters’!

BIG THANKS are due to everyone who came last Sunday morning for the Renovate! The Lower Greenhouse workshop. You all did a brilliant job and we’re up to schedule! The next session will be on Sunday 24th February and we’re hoping for a similar turnout.

Herbs are always a popular take away from BPCG and we will have a nice selection on offer this year.  Everyone loves our garden mint so this week we will start propagating it from root cuttings. This is a simple process which entails cutting the thick white roots of established mint plants into short 3cm – 5cm sections making sure there is a growth point on each section which will grow to make a new plant. We will pot these up in small pots to mature ready for use later in the year.

A quick note on root cuttings: they are used to propagate plants that naturally produce suckers (new shoots) from their roots. This technique has several advantages:

§  Root cuttings require no special aftercare

§  Large numbers of new plants can be generated from each parent plant

§  Root cuttings are taken in the quiet season in winter

§  Plants that take well from root cuttings often have thick or fleshy roots.