We have launched our Fundraising campaign for Phase 1 of our Raise The Barn fundraising. A few have already donated but we need more of you to help. Just a fiver makes a difference. If you are still thinking about this and haven’t yet donated, and would like to help make the Greenhouses even more special than it is already, please give now

This week in the garden, we are coming to the end of harvesting our courgettes, so this week we will clear out the courgette bed and apply a mulch of about 5 cm of well rotted manure and sow the bed with an overwintering pea, Douce Provence, a variety which is a cross between Meteor and Kelvedon Wonder.

Douce Provence is a dwarf variety growing to only about 45cm in height and needing little support. We will lay lengths of chicken wire on the ground over where the peas have been sown to deter foxes, squirrels and pigeons. Once the peas are big enough we can lift off the wire.

If you are interested in seed saving, peas are a good plant to start off with because they are self pollinating. They have closed flowers which make them unlikely to cross pollinate with unsuitable partners and therefore saved seeds should remain ‘true’.

If you are interested in the genetics of plants do read ‘The Monk in The Garden: The Lost and Found Genius of Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics’ by Robin Marantz Henig. The book traces the simple, elegant experiments Mendel developed and how these led him to discover the basic laws of genetics.

The other plant we have almost harvested completely are the round red radishes. We have half a bed free to sow a winter radish called the Black Spanish Round. Radishes are in the cabbage family (Brassicaceae). The skin of this Black Spanish Round is virtually black, but the crisp, tasty flesh inside is pure white.

The grass in our perennial meadow is starting to take over from the flowers! So this year we will re-sow the meadow. First steps are to dig up and remove all the grass and perennial weed roots. Then later in the autumn/ winter we can apply a sterile mulch of weed free top soil and organic material before broadcast sowing the new meadow seeds.

We still have plenty of tomatoes, kale, carrots and chard to harvest.

On Saturday 21st September, Outdoor Yoga resumes with Sally Ramsden. This week only it’s an hour earlier than usual at 10am to 11.30am.  Thereafter, there is yoga with Sally on Saturday 28th September, Saturday October 5th and Saturday October 12th, at the normal time of 11am to 12.30pm.  Go here to find out more and to book

On Sunday Sept 22nd 4pm to 7pm Jess Cahill, Lis Stewart and Chris Dyer
perform a gig at the greenhouses on hurdy gurdy, melodeon, nyckelharpa, fiddles and Maccann duet concertina. The trio play hauntingly beautiful arrangements of traditional dance tunes from around Europe along with more contemporary folk tunes and songs. £10 (£7) Book here OR if you are able to help from 2pm to 8pm with set up +/at the gig +/ clearing up, please reply to this email. Your help would be great!

On Saturday September 28th 4pm to 7pm Lucy Farrell
A rare gig from Lucy and at our Greenhouses!  With the Furrow Collective, Lucy won Best Group in the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Lucy is now embarking on a solo career something so many have been hoping for, since first hearing her exquisite renditions of traditional ballads and quietly moving original songs. Not to be missed! £10 (£7) Book here OR if you are able to help from 2pm to 8pm with set up +/at the gig +/ clearing up, please reply to this email. Your help would be great!

On Sunday 22nd September at 2.30pm, there is our monthly volunteer meeting.  The agenda so far is below but if you wish to add items, please reply to this email / let Cat know

1. Review Minutes of last volunteer meeting here
2. Review Minutes of last staff meeting here
3. Discuss our Composting and upcoming composting workshops