Great news! Lambeth’s planning department have responded very positively to our request for advice prior to applying for planning consent for the Barn. You can read the whole document here.  We will be doing further work with architects Feilden Fowles in the Autumn to finalise the design and technical details. There will be a consultation meeting in November. We would be very grateful to volunteers who can make a donation to the Barn please.

Members of the charity, please remember to come to the AGM which will be this coming Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm.  You can read our draft Annual Report  for 2018/19 here.
Trustees met last Wednesday 18th September and reviewed the draft Five Year Plan. Whilst there are still some details under debate Trustees approved the release of the draft to volunteers for comment. View it here.

If you have any comments you can write them on the report. Or please email them to Chris at We will be discussing this plan at the next volunteer meeting on Thursday 24th October.

This week in the garden, we will harvest our chillies, tie them up and dry them for future use. We will sow our winter hardy broad beans which will be ready to harvest in late Spring. The variety we will be sowing are ‘Aquadulce’.

We will also plant garlic cloves in our roots vegetable beds. Garlic can be planted from September to November and harvested May to July.  If you don’t have veg beds, you can grow it in large pots filled with well draining compost.  After planting, garlic needs a cool, one- to two-month period at temperatures of 0-10°C for good bulb development. Planting in late autumn (October to November) or in early spring (depending on the cultivar) will provide the necessary chilling period.  Garlic is planted from bulb segments (cloves), so break up the bulb carefully into individual segments prior to planting. Make sure the cloves are planted the right way up: the flatter basal plate should be facing downwards.  Spacing between cloves should be about 10cm, and 30cm between rows.  The tips of the cloves should be 2.5cm below soil’s surface.  We will cover the bed with chicken wire to protect the emerging shoots from being pulled out by pigeons.

Other jobs this week weeding under the staging of the upper greenhouse, turning compost, and harvesting dwarf french beans and tomatoes.

Finally,  we have a Saturday afternoon Gig in the Greenhouses this Saturday 28th September 4pm to 7pm with the wonderful Lucy Farrell performing.  Have a pre-listen here to Lucy at Sidmouth Folk Week and either book as a punter, or come for free by replying to this email to say you can help Kate set up from 2pm and/at and after the gig itself.