A corner of our Kitchen GardenThings are hotting up in the kitchen garden. Well, anyway, with the outside soil temperature now 6°C and with just 10 days to go before the equinox I feel emboldened to plant some seeds directly outside. We’re going to plant a row each of carrots, chives and radishes as well as some more beetroot. We’ll be interplanting these between some rows of plug plants that we sowed last month. A row of cabbages ( that’s three!), a row of beetroot and one of lettuces. At least, that’s the plan… I haven’t yet tested how well rooted these plugs are.

In the greenhouse we’re going to be having another sowing frenzy. In modules we’ll be sowing more carrots, some strawberries, a few cucumbers, some florence fennel and some lettuce. It’s also time to sow our tomatoes. Cat is growing us a few Green Zebra which are vine tomatoes but we’re only going to grow 2 or 3 of these. Most of our tomatoes will be bush tomatoes producing cherry tomatoes. These are much easier to grow as they don’t need continual pinching out.

It’s probably a bit early to sow second early potatoes but we’ll be doing this in a dustbin and this can stay in the greenhouse for the next 2 or 3 weeks. There are chitted ‘La Ratte’ potatoes available to workshop members.

We’re also going to be sowing quite a lot of flowers. For the kitchen garden this month we’re sowing Sunflowers, nasturtium and borage. Our marigolds are doing very nicely in their modules. But we also need to sow a few perennials in case any hole filling is needed in the Oudolf border – Gaura, Echinacea, Linaria and perhaps a few more. We’ll also sow a few Sunflowers in 2l ‘long toms’. And we will also be sowing more trays of annuals to sell later in the year. And due to hungry mice we’re going to have to resow 50 dwarf sunflowers that were sown last weekend and have been neatly emptied and eaten leaving only the husks. Bah!

The good news is that there should be some salad bags as there is rocket, red mustard and other leaves to harvest.

In other jobs around the kitchen garden we’ll be applying nematodes to keep the slugs under control. And we’ll be scattering some ground seaweed on the soil for a bit of a nutrient boost. Unfortunately, all the daffodils will now need to come down but at least you should leave with a bunch of flowers…