This week in the garden, things will be getting really busy on the propagation front with seeds to sow and seedlings to pot up. So if you are keen to learn more about growing from seed, do come along and have a go.

Our bush tomatoes seedlings have got off to a good start in the heated propagators and this past week we have allowed them to adjust to cooler temperatures and less humid conditions by reducing the temperatures in the propagators, and then standing them out in the main body of the greenhouses with no extra heat. In horticultural terms this is referred to as ‘hardening off.’  All 200 bush tomato seedlings are now ready to be potted up!

This will make space in the heated propagators for us to sow the seeds of our cordon tomatoes. 

Our cordon tomatoes are the tall varieties which we will start off in the greenhouse and later plant out into the garden. The cordon varieties we are growing this year are Black Russian, Indigo Beauty, Moonglow, Golden Crown, and Green Zebra. These are a mix of different coloured tomatoes ranging from the yellow fruits of Golden Crown, to the stripy green tomatoes of Green Zebra, the dark purple of Indigo Beauty and black and red of Black Russian tomatoes. 

We will be sowing the first 100 seeds of our attractive dwarf sunflower, Helianthus Suntastic. This is a lovely plant for window boxes. 

There are more ornamental seeds to be sown for our decorative borders. Seed we will sow this week include Ricinus communis (Caster Oil plant),  2 varieties of Cuphea, Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’, Nasturtium  ‘Empress of India’, Dianthus barbarous (sweet William), Nicotiana mutabilis (tobacco plant), Echinacea purpurea (Purple coneflower), Holy Basil, Helianthus ‘Little Dorrit” (sunflower) and Cobaea scandens

There will be some Iris divisions to pot up too:  Iris germanica, and Iris siberica. 

On Sunday 15th March at 11am to 1pm there will be next in the series of our Composting workshops. For more information go here

In other greenhouse news

There is a greenwood spoon making workshop on Friday 13th March 12 til 4pm. For more information and to book go here

Andy Petch’s Tai Chi Class will be on as always this Saturday 2pm to 3pm. For more info, go here

Local singer songwriter Emma Tubmen is starting a Greenhouse Singing Group starting on Wednesday 25th March 4pm to 5pm. All ages are welcome! Emma will teach simple songs with harmonies for everyone to learn by ear.  The music will be a mix of traditional folk and pop songs depending on everyone’s preferences. Tickets are £6 full price or £3 low income adult / child. To book, go here