As the winter solstice looms we are asking ourselves what are we going to grow this year?

For the purposes of this workshop we’ve established some strategies that will help us have more successes that failures. We’re going to be growing the easier things whilst we build up our confidence. But we also want to grow things that we love and value highly.

For example, for me, that means growing shallots rather than onions because onions are cheap and plentiful and great scallion shallots are harder to find and more expensive. Similarly potatoes. King Edwards are cheap but La Ratte, second early salad potatoes are 5 times the price. But we’ll also be giving much more ground to tomatoes than to potatoes. Because fresh tomatoes are unavailable, delicious and relatively easy. We aim to be able to pick tomatoes from July until the end of September. In the summer months we also aim to be cropping a bag of leaves twice a week.

Of course your decision about what to grow in your own plots might be different. How much space you’ve got is also going to influence what you aim to grow. And now is the time to make your mind up so that you can get your seed orders in early. By knowing what you’re going to plants and how much space you’ve got you should be able to estimate how much you’re going to produce and when

So here are our suggested crops and quantities; this is a first stab at planning, but we need to be sure by the next workshop. During the january workshops we’ll work out exactly when we need to sow to produce this food

1st sowings

Lettuce – 3 kg May to July
Beetroot – 3 kg June
Spinach – 4 kg May and June
Broad Beans 3 kg May June
Carrots 2.5 kg June
Radishes 1kg April and May
Peas 4 kg June and July
Early cabbage 4 kg June
2nd early potatoes 8 kg June July
Garlic June
++ 6-8 kg

2nd sowings

Carrots 10 kg September October
Endive 8 kg September – November
Kale 8 kg September December
Squash 8 kg September December
Cucumber 2.5 kg
Cougettes 2.5 kg August September
Shallots 2 kg August
Cucumber 3 kg September October
Beetroot 5 kg October November
French Beans 4 kg August September
Chard/Beet 5 kg September November
Other roots 6 kg November


6 kg July October