Area Aims / themes / strategies for area. Mar-19
Gate borders Umbles theme. Plants that can be used for flower arrangements and wreaths. Plus a clump climbing green beans to illustrate story stompers jack and the bean stalk. buy in 2 bulk bags of top soil and apply to the gate borders.
natural kitchen play area Provide young children with a multi sensory natural play experience. Setting for story stompers. Install beanstalk…
Beds 1-8 of the upper four crop rotation and bed 9 perennial veg bed. Theme for 2019 – Red Veg. Aims :- demonstration beds for how to grow attractive unusual varieties or red veg. Duel purpose plants as edible and ornamental.
bed 1 Roots overflow bed Direct sow Beetroot Solist Red
bed 2 leaf greens
bed 3 salads and garlic direct sow mid March (successional till Aug), Salad Bijou (red), Mustard red frills, lettuce Moonred
bed 4 brassica seed bed direct sow into seedbed late March / early April, Kale:- Nero di Toscana, Midnight Sun, Buttonhole Starmaker, Kale Scarlet. Cabbage – January King, Cauliflower – ‘All Year Round’.
bed 5 Roots Mid march direct sow spring onions North Holland Blood Red, plant Red Arrow onion sets
bed 6 Brassicas UGH sow leek seeds Northern Lights in pots, and plant out into this bed when pencil thick. Kohlrabi delicacy Purple sow in UGH in seed trays, plant out when 5-6 leaves.
bed 7 Legumes sow Pea ‘Shiraz’ (Mangetout) directly into bed in late March. Cover with chicken wire to protect from birds and foxes. From sowing time it takes about 12-13 weeks to harvest – Mid June onwards.
bed 8 Cucurbitaceae/ Cucurbit bed
bed 9 – Perennial veg bed Oca was stored over winter in the UCH. Plant out mid March.
Free standing Beans bed in front of UGH
Kitchen garden / seating area How to plan a kitchen garden, and harvest the produce from it throughout the year. Modules – Salad onions parsley, tomato,
Direct sow Spinach, Beetroot, carrot
Plant out – Shallots, Potatoes in bin, Salad
Green roofs show how to reduce run off and collect rainwater
Woodland area as a wildlife habitat. Wildlife habitat providing bug hoel, dead hedge, stag beetle stack and signage plus tree identification signs.
Woodland soft fruit growing area Show how to grow soft fruit, & how to, prune, support, take cuttings and harvest. Mulch around fruit bushes with compost, well rotted manure. Move blueberries in their Ericaceous compost / planters to woodland area and provide with irrigation. Buy one of each:- new red desert gooseberry bush,white currant and black currant bush, and plant out i the woodland.
Woodland – Top fruit – i.e. fruit grown on trees rather than bushes Show how to grow top fruit, & how to, prune, support, take cuttings for grafting and harvest.
Top fruit growing in the herb garden. Show how to grow top fruit, & how to, prune, support, take cuttings for grafting and harvest.
Soft Fruit growing in the herb garden how to grow, propagate and harvest strawberries
Top fruit growing in the upper garden. Show how to harvest and use to make jams.
Grape vine in the upper greenhouses. Show how to grow, prune, maintain good health, take cuttings from and harvest.
Fern bank Show how to grow ferns, (spore bearing, shade loving plants. Educational resource for plant evolution. Extend leaky hose to upper fern bank. Keep ferns weeded
Bog garden Grow a range of plants that like to grow in boggy conditions keep weeded
wildlife pond maintain a wildlife pond which is an important habitat and breeding ground for beneficial garden insects and other wildlife plant meadow sweet around the pond. (Plants from the gate borders)
Perennial meadow Maintain a perennial meadow as attractive visual feature seen from the front gates. Good resource for pollinating insects and wildlife. weed out unwanted plants, thistles, couch grass, horsetail, bindweed, burdock.
Raspberry bed To grow raspberries
Island bed infront of UGH
Tomato / ?Solanaceae bed sow in UGH Cordon tomatoes in modules :-Golden Crown, Green Zebra, Blakc Russian, Amish Pasle, and Cape Gooseberry
Education bed Vegetables and flowers that the education team want to grow for school sessions etc. sowing outdoors veg.
Squash / Cucurbita bed grow 3 varieties of squash, 2 summer squash and one winter squash.
Gherkin bed
Free standing bed in front of UGH Retail annuals display – Cutting Flowers. Ammi, Verbena, Cleome, Cosmos
Greenwood working area
Upper Greenhouses 1. BPCG produce for growing under glass. 600 Annuals, 200 Cannas, 60 Sunflowers
Upper Greenhouses 2. BPCG plants for planting out into our garden. Kitchen Garden: Beetroot, Spring Cabbage, Spinach,
Upper Greenhouses 3. BPCG plants for retail.
Herb garden
Sensory Bed
Hot border Mulch, reduce Beschorneria yuccoides,start Cannas in UGH
Cold frames
Passive greenhouses start to feed diluted SM3 once they have 4 leaves
Deck planters plant oca at one end and Paselia at the other. Could be nice to grow some of our bush tomatoes here too.
Oudolf border Final clear and mulch
Dye stock bed help Dianne keep the area weeded, and the bed mulched in spring and autumn.
Oriental veg bed grow more brassicas alongside Chen Maii’s pack choi.
Lower four crop rotation – 4 beds
Bed 1 brassicas
Bed 2 legumes fill gapes in rows of broadbeans
Bed 3 roots Mid March sow carrots, Dragon Purple, and Red Lisse di Meassx, between rows of garlic and shallotes. At bottom end of bed sow parsnip ‘Tender and True’
Bed 4 Solanaceae potato bed, and yacon (another root veg) chit seed potatoes Varieties:- Purple Majesty (main crop), Apache (main crop) ,Anya (main crop) , Pink Fur Apple (salad potato). Plant out yacon which has over wintered in pots in UGH.
4 crop beds companion plants grow a range of companion plants to plant amongst veg beds to repel common pests