Crimson Flower Broad BeansThis week it is very blustery and we’re hoping everything stays attached to the greenhouse – one pane has been flapping since Sunday and we hope to fix this on Thursday. It’s often windy leading up to the equinox as the old rhyme about March winds and April showers reminds us. Today, with gale force wind in the morning, we hope the blossom on our Apricot and Nectarine isn’t blown off and the fleece in the kitchen garden stays put.

In the lower garden we autumn-planted broad beans in the legumes bed. These have grown well with many plants now being around 30 cm tall and beginning to flower ready for an early harvest. However, we did lose a few plants through the winter, so now is a good time to fill these gaps with the replacement Crimson flowering broad beans we sowed in pots in the greenhouse earlier. We have hardened off  these small plants and they are ready to be planted out.

These will be more seed sowing in the greenhouse this week. We will be sowing our second wave of bush tomatoes (that we plan to sell during the spring and summer). We are growing Garden Pearl (with pink fruit), Gold Nugget (with yellow fruit) and First in the Field (with red fruit.). Other seeds to sow this week are Aubergines ‘Black Beauty’. The first wave of tomatoes is now large enough to pot on and to start feeding with a diluted seaweed feed.

We’ll also be planting more ornamental varieties – a white flowering Abutilon ‘Bella’, and a deep pinkish purple flowering Gloxinia Sinningia speciosa ‘Avanti’., and, if they are well developed enough, moving up the first Cosmos from modules into 7cm containers.

Helen and Cathy moved into the new office on Monday and Cat will be moving in on Thursday. Now we want to super-clean our kitchen and next week we’ll move the garden tools into the other container.