This week in the garden we will be making semi ripe cuttings from some of the different varieties of roses we have growing around the garden as well as making more cuttings of lavender and sage. We will be collecting seeds from the Morning glory plants Ipomoea muricata to form part of our collection of seeds from plants that are moth pollinated. Later we will add to this by collecting the seeds of the Evening primroses, Oenothera biennis and the various Nicotiana species. Growing these plants will increase the biodiversity of your garden by attracting moths. Last Friday evening volunteers saw an enormous Hawk moth the lower greenhouse.

The damson tree has fruit that will probably be ripe enough to harvest this week and which could be used to make very tasty damson jam. We will also be collecting various aromatic leaves from the herb garden for drying including the leaves of the Lemon verbena which can be used to make a delicious herbal tea.

Last year we grew three varieties of Charentais melon Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis in the lower greenhouse in a taste trial. The verdict of the group was that the hybrid ‘Alvaro’ was the best and sweetest tasting. But this year we haven’t grown that variety. The melons we have grown in the passive greenhouses  are ripening though and we need to keep watering them as they are around 90 % water. We’ll soon find out if these new varieties can match ‘Alvaro’ for taste and sweetness.