1. Action points from Jan meeting

· CS DR pipes lower greenhouse – CS will remove if possible without disturbing wall.

· CS KS Furniture and use lower decking group, also progress on deck itself – report back (H&S too)
– tables and benches sourced which will be good for school groups and kids’ groups sessions, as well as for pizza eaters. Expect to be able to seat at least 50.

· Watering group feed back – Leaky hose – beds and mulberry

– To water more efficiently, we are purchasing and installing leaky hose for all the raised beds and for the mulberry by decking. Will have to run it off mains water for now because lack sufficient electric power to push collected rain water around the site. Water group still researching this. For time being, collected rain water around site to be used in lower greenhouse as well as with watering cans – and for topping up pond when needed.

· Aquaponics

– On hold for now

· Passive Ghouse feedback on growing bed and what to grow
– Salads and herbs to be grown in built bed in Passive Greenhouse. Can be used on pizzas. Nice learning output too for children’s workshops that Helen is running about Materials and Passive Greenhouse.

· Hurdles from Greenwoodworking – use in pond area? (Children’s team thoughts?)
-Nice idea to use hurdles from GW to fence off ramp up to pond decking. People approve.

· Paul to write up Greenwoodworking in more detail incl looking at Fees suggestion….
– Paul reported back on GW and confirmed that he is happy with the way things are going and working on ways to continue to include folk in the GW. He will keep feeding back to the meetings. Meantime, please do continue to ask him

2. (KS PS CS) Governance at BPCG – let’s discuss it!. Click here () to read about the Trustees paper on governance. Bring your comments along to the meeting or if you can’t attend, email them to Kate

Diane asked that the annual plan should be shared with volunteers. It will be once the trustees approve it.

Paul requested that the white board in kitchen is used better to communicate e.g. key dates in the year and other important things.
Kate reiterated that trustee meetings are open to volunteers and that all volunteers are welcome to attend. The next trustee meeting is at Kate’s house at 6.30pm on Wednesday 14th March. Following one is 16th May at 6.30pm

3. (KS) Upcoming events schedule: May Fete on 12th May, Outdoor film night with Herne Hill Free Film Festival on 13th May 2018.
These were approved by everyone present. Kate commented that help very welcome at both.

4. (KS AH) Storage improvements – Open Sheds, Kitchen, Nissan Hut
A tidy up of all 3 is imminent! Need to use space effectively.

5. (PS) Staying open after closing time
Paul checked that this was OK. It was agreed so long as it’s not for more than an hour or so and that all measures needed for locking up securely are observed. If lone working happens, then our lone working policy and any necessary risk assessments need to be observed.

6. AOB – we then had a tour of Upper Greenhouse when Chris and Kate talked us through some of the ideas we are putting forward for the planned renovation and extension of the space. (Ed. There will be meeting about this on Sunday 18th March at 2pm to which all volunteers are welcome)