Present:   Chris Smith (Chair), Derek Hoare, Antonia Gross, David Roy, Andrew Oxley, Josh Piercey (via Zoom) Kate Sebag (Director).


Apologies:    Liz Day, Sarah Wales, Janet Worth,



  • Management Accounts to 30 June 2021

The Treasurer introduced the accounts saying the unrestricted surplus of £4k after further Barn expenditure of £10k was an excellent result with significant contributions from the Children and Families programme and site hire.

He noted the retail sales product split remained as last year (25% Honey, 50% plants, 25% Jars) and that Plant margins were high as expenditure is noticeably back end loaded.

The surplus on restricted funds would reduce as programmes advanced further and some salary costs were charged against the CriSeren Grant.

In response to an enquiry from the Director the general view expressed was that £80.00 per hour for site hire is too low.


  • The Barn

The Chair took detailed questions on the documents supporting the tender pricing of just under £400k. The answers given are to be supported by further information emailed to Trustees.

The Treasurer advised the meeting that in addition to the £400k there was a further £50k-£60k for professional fees.

The Trustees confirmed that the separate gate, ramp, and kitchen fit out were essential to the project although not included in the £400k tender. After some discussion, the Trustees authorised the Treasurer to explore possible lines of credit to finance these items.

Subject to the receipt of full documentation the Trustees authorised the Chair to proceed to contract, based on the tender.


  • AGM Planning

David Roy, Josh Piercy, and Andrew Oxley indicated their willingness to continue as Trustees and the Chair advised the meeting that Janet Worth had also expressed willingness to continue.

The Chair indicated he wished to continue, although he had served more than five years.

The Chair advised the meeting that Liz Day wished to step down from the Board at the AGM and Antonia Gross and Derek Hoare said that was their wish also.


  • Knowledge and Skills for new Trustees

Josh Piercy informed the Board of his progress in finding other potential Board members. The Board noted and was encouraged by the apparent potential in finding suitable Trustees.

The Board confirmed its wish for Josh to continue and refine the search to reach a conclusion to meet the requirement in Board numbers and the AGM timelines for nominations and members notifications.


  • Equality and Diversity

The Chair asked the Trustees to note that the EDI statement from the Assoc of Chairs was shorter and more succinct that our own statement in the GLA Grant application.

It was agreed that further discussion should be delayed until after the AGM.


  • Reallocation of Funds

It was agreed to reallocate the £16k designated to reglaze the UGH to completing the learning yard. Although there was a proposal that £5k should remain designated for the reglazing, to ensure it remained in focus.


  • Post Covid and Beyond

The Trustees noted that a policy paper would be presented at the September meeting as there had not been sufficient time for it to be prepared for this meeting.


  • Staff Reports

The Trustees noted these reports commenting of the ongoing high level of activity by the Charity.

The Trustees requested a minuted expression of thank to Kate for her work in developing the successful Children’s and Family programme using freelancers.

The Trustees also passed a vote of thanks to the freelances and volunteers who were enabling this success. A special vote of thanks was made to Beth Barber as the Trustees were advised she was curtailing her current role within the Charity, at the end of the current term.


  • Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 19 May 2021 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.











Andrew Oxley

18 July 2021