Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses


Minutes of a meeting of the Trustees held on 15 September 2021 at the Greenhouses.


Present:   Chris Smith (Chair), Derek Hoare, Antonia Gross, Janet Worth, David Roy, Andrew Oxley, Josh Piercey , Kate Sebag (Director, via Zoom).


Apologies: Liz Day, Sarah Wales,  


In Attendance: Richard Whiting, Lawrence Osei-Kwaku and (via Zoom) Katharina Bauer, Scarlett Kassimatis, Janagan Alagarajah.


  • 2020/21 Report and Accounts   

The Trustees approved the Trustees Report and Financial Statements still with the Examiner for sign-off, subject to their being no changes required by the Examiner.

  • Management Accounts to 31 August 2021

The Treasurer drew the Trustees attention to the continued trading surplus of the Charity and that retails sales continued in the same proportion as previously (25% Honey, 25% Jars and 50% Plant and produce) profits were high as honey stock were low and purchases for the next growing season had not yet impacted this years numbers. He advised that the donations for the ‘Community Fund’ had passed the £10k by early September.

He reported the end on the term deposit with the Shawbrook Bank and that the BPCG now had no funds raising more than minimal interest.


  • Policies and a plan for returning to the FYP trajectory

During the discussion it was noted that this document was largely a plan for the Barn rather than the BPCG as a whole, the need for proper co-ordination of activities was stressed and a suggested to include a ‘dark’ evening was made.

Following discussion, the document was adopted as the way forward.


  • Premises Licence

CS explained the need for a premises licence and the stages and requirements of the process to be granted one. Following general discussion, it was agreed

That BPCG should apply for a provisional premises licence for the Barn and the garden.

That BPCG should apply to remove the requirement to have a designated premises supervisor and that the Trustees would take collective responsibility.

That Josh Piercey, Janet Worth, and Andrew Oxley plus two named volunteers (Steph and Anne) form a Licence Sub-Committee with delegated authority in these matters subject to the reporting requirements set out in the papers for this meeting.


  • JCT Intermediate contract with Weber industries

CS advised the Trustees that it was expected the contract would be finalised by the end of the current week with signing and the end of the following week (circa 24 September). He pointed out that it required the approval of all Trustees so they needed to be aware of the imminence and importance of the documents they will receive.


  • Plans on fulfilment of outputs and outcomes with our GLA contract

KS took questions on her reports and noted areas where further work was required to establish measures. Offers of assistance were received from those becoming Trustees after the AGM.


7 CV’s and personal statements from Trustees recommended new Trustees

The Trustees noted these and looked forward to their contribution to the continuing growth and success of the Charity.


  • Staff Reports

The Trustees noted these reports and commented on the success of the Children’s and Family programme.


  • Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 15 July 2021 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


  • Next Meeting

It was agreed to change the date of the next meeting to 24 November 2021 at which the dates for the following year would be agreed.


Andrew Oxley

20 September 2021