Attendance:  22 members with Chris Smith in the Chair

  • Chair’s opening remarks

Chris opened the meeting by welcoming those present and noting that the Charity had more members than ever before.


  • Introductions

The attendees introduced themselves and their contribution to the Charity.


  • Minutes of the previous AGM

These minutes were approved by the members present, without dissent.


  • Director’s review of the year 2018/19

The director gave a comprehensive review of the activities of 2018/19 and outlined the further progress made during the first half of the current year.

The Chair proposed a vote of thanks to the Director, all the Staff and the volunteers. The motion was carried without dissent.


  • Annual Financial Accounts and Trustees Report 2018/19

Andrew presented an overview of the year’s financial activities commenting particularly on the increase in trading income across all categories and the receipt of £150,000 towards The Barn project.

He noted the revenue increase had continued into the current year and forecast for the year was close to the self-funding target.


  • Election of Board of Trustees
  • Trustee appointed since the last AGM – Alice Noakes
  • Trustee not seeking re-election – Lucie Russell
  • Election of Trustees for 2019/20 – Derek Hoare, Antonia Gross, Liz Day, Sarah Wales, Alice Noakes, Joshua Piercey.
  • Election of Trustees as officers

Chair              Chris Smith

Secretary       Sarah Wales

Treasurer       Andrew Oxley


  • AOB

Chris thanked the Trustees for their contributions during the year with extended thanks to Lucy for her contribution over several years as a garden volunteer and Trustee.


The meeting closed at 3.30pm for tea and cake.