Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Present:                     Chris Smith (Chair), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Derek Hoare, Liz Day, Alice Noakes, Antonia Gross, Andrew Oxley (Treasurer)

In Attendance:          Kate Sebag (Director)

Apologies:                 Lucie Russell, David Roy


  • Motions approved since the last meeting

The meeting noted the motions passed since the last meeting and confirmed their participation in the decision making.


  • 2019/20 Operational Plan

Following discussion and clarification the meeting approved the 2019/20 Operational plan.


  • Building sub Committee

The Chair outlined the progress to date and presented two architect sketches developed after the initial briefing meeting. After consideration and explanation, the Chair asked that further comments be sent to him by 24 March 2019, to pass to the architects. Further drawings should be available in 3-4 weeks for final approval.

The Trustees noted the drawings as presented.


  • Press release

The Trustees discussed and noted the language in the press release, announcing the appointment of Fielden Fowles as architect for the BPCG plan to ‘renovate and extend the greenhouse to serve as a new multipurpose learning and community space in Brockwell Park’.


  • Consultation Plan

The Trustees discussed various elements of the plan making special mention of the benefit of consulting at greenhouse events. Each Trustee agreed to manage at least one of the proposed outreach consultation sessions.

The Trustees noted the plan, with the request that comments should be left on the relevant document on google and that the plan implementation commenced before the next Trustees meeting.



  • Staff update

The Trustees were updated on staff developments and it was agreed that this topic should be further discussed as an agenda item at their next meeting.


The Trustees confirmed that staff contract be extended a further 3 months, as appropriate.


  • Budget 2019/20

The Trustees approved the Budget for 2019/20, as presented by the Treasurer and the Director.


  • Management Accounts to Feb 2019

The Trustees noted the Accounts, as presented by the Treasurer


  • Appointment of Inspector for Charity Commission purposes

On the recommendation of the Treasurer, the Trustees confirmed the reappointment of Charles Osei.


  • Education and Garden Reports

The Trustees noted these reports and the progress being made in these activities


  • Current Projects

The Trustees passed a vote of thanks to David, Andy and Doug for their efforts in the container conversion, noting the staff had moved in and that the final cost was well below the agreed budget.


The Trustees noted the change to opening hours policy


The Trustees were updated (by the Chair) on the progress of the Renovate Team on the Lower Greenhouse and the launch of the new contactless payments system on 24 March 2019.


  • Minutes of previous meeting

There were no decisions to minute from the previous meeting.