In attendance:             Chris Smith (Co-chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Linsey Macdonald (Secretary), Liz Day, Beth Barber, Derek Hoare, Kate Sebag

Apologies: Antonia Gross, Lucie Russell

Observing: David Roy

1.            Chris introduced the 5 year business plan and trustees gave feedback on the draft circulated in advance of the meeting. Chris will edit and circulate to volunteers for comment.

2.                  The annual report is still in draft.  Trustees delegated approval of the annual report to the Co-chairs, who will circulate the final version.

3.                  Treasury matters: Andrew said that the current account is very healthy due to receipt of the bequest mentioned at the last meeting.  The best return that can be obtained on it is 1.3% with Charities Aid Forum.  It was agreed that Andrew should open an account with them and deposit the bequest.
Andrew feels that budgeting needs now to be more sophisticated (phased quarterly rather than simply splitting the annual budget by 12).

The draft accounts are with the independent examiner and the trustee report will be provided within the next 2 weeks.
<4.                  The AGM will be on 30 September. There are no resolutions so the agenda will consist of a report on the year and the resignation and re-election of trustees. Linsey and Beth are standing down this year.  Trustees who are standing for re-election should prepare a 150 word bio by 30 August, for inclusion with the AGM notice.

5.                  Staff reports were reviewed.  It was noted in particular that this has been a good period for the education team.

6.                  It was noted that funds are available to extend all staff contracts to 31 December 2018 and it was agreed that this should be done.

7.                  The minutes of the last meeting were approved with minor changes.

8.                  The next meeting will be on 12 September 2018 at 7 Stradella Road.

9.                  AOB: it was noted that a Volunteer Co-ordinator is shortly to start at the park.  Kate will arrange a meeting via Derek/FOBP.  Consider whether a park representative should attend some of our trustee meetings.