In attendance: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Joshua Piercey, Alice Noakes, Liz Day, Antonia Gross, David Roy (telephone attendance), Derek Hoare, Kate Sebag (Director)


Apologies: Janet Worth

Chair’s Remarks


Chris opened the meeting with a summary of the Good Growth Fund application status.


Chris followed with an outline of the unfolding Covid-19 situation. It is expected that all income streams are going to be affected by altered behaviours, whether government led or not, however we will continue as planned until further information is available.


Financial Performance


Andrew gave an overview of the accounts to date and circulated the bank statements.


Andrew presented the 20/21 budget and invited questions. He emphasised that the budget is optimistic, but attainable, and drew attention to the grant projects not included in the FYP. Trustees noted the budget.


A discussion of the current reserves policy was held following Andrew’s initial review and suggestion that the policy should be revised. Trustees agreed to defer any decision until the policy is reviewed in full.


The Barn


Chris introduced the QS report and highlighted the initial cost being higher than first expected. Trustees were asked for input on items that could be excluded from the initial build. Trustees delegate to the BSC to see if a high quality build can be delivered for a reduced total. To aid further review a cash flow forecast was requested for the build with key funding milestones marked.


BPCG and Local Business


Alice, Kate, and Joshua presented a paper underlining the opportunity to build relationships with a range of businesses and key contacts. This could be individuals, SMEs, or larger companies which operate in the area. The paper recommends hosting an event at BPCG and trustees agreed that May 20th will be the event date. Kate and Joshua will prepare additional information for Trustees to use when issuing invitations and will coordinate responses.




Trustees agreed to the appointment of a fundraiser on a contract basis. The initial focus will be applying for funding to cover core costs.


Competitive pricing review


Trustees discussed the possible scope and methodology for conducting a market review of education activities, garden produce, and other services. Considering that the pricing is already under regular review Trustees agreed to defer the decision until the May meeting.


Staff Reports


Trustees noted the staff reports. Kate outlined several funding awards for therapeutic activities including the outdoor drumming workshops and Better Fridays. Evening gardening sessions and site hire were discussed including the need for sufficient key volunteers to cover increased opening hours.


Minutes of January Meeting


The minutes were approved by Trustees.