Minutes of Trustee Meeting on 11 November 2020 

Minutes of Trustee Meeting on 11 November 2020 


In attendance via Zoom: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Liz Day, David Roy, Antonia Gross, Derek Hoare, Janet Worth, Joshua Piercey, Alice Noakes, Kate Sebag (Director)



Chairs Remarks

The Chair opened the meeting by introducing his paper circulated with the notice of the meeting. He emphasised the need to be ‘nimble’ in our approach to activities to meet the challenges of Covic-19. He advised the Board that there were no plans, at present to employ and education team and that he hoped The Barn would be the primary focus of activity in the current year.


Director’s Report

The Director took questions on her report, commenting on the real difficulties of planning future activities. Kate advised the Board that while it was difficult to estimate the likelihood of success with the HLF bid, she thought it was around 25%.


Management Accounts

Andrew presented the management accounts to the end of October.


Barn Fundraising Group

Joshua presented an update from the Barn fundraising discussion in mid-October and took questions from the board. Some of the activities (raffle, e-card) planned before Christmas will be delayed in light of the recent Covid developments and the workload involved.


The charity has applied for all available grant funding so crowdfunding, reviewing existing networks,  and high net worth individuals are going to be important. Chris asked the group to consider what the Plan B will be if the funding shortfall is not met and this needs to be presented to the January board.


Ant flagged possible GDPR implications of using an American platform, a point to consider when making a decision on the crowdfunding approach.


The fundraising group will send an invite when the next session is organised.


While discussing the Barn and fundraising Chris explained that the GLA contract will need to be signed as soon as the terms are agreed. Trustees will need to review and give agreement, an email vote will need to be unanimous.


Digitising BPCG’s Education Output

Joshua highlighted the key messages from the report. BPCG has a wealth of volunteers with great experience who could get involved and many/most people already have the technology needed. Companion pieces can be produced for many sessions and later plan for schools.

Kate mentioned that BPCG’s education offer reaches a wide range of participants so good that the report covers the full spectrum. Chris asked about the next steps. Joshua confirms that the project will be a volunteer led activity and will not rely on staff time. David commented that more digital content will raise the online profile ahead of 2021 crowdfunding campaign and Joshua agrees.


Trustees support Joshua in continuing with this digital roadmap.


AGM Voting Proposal

After feedback during the 2020 AGM Andrew has reviewed the charity’s articles and has proposed a revised voting structure. Notice of the AGM sent to members will include detailed advice on how to stand for election as well as grouping recommendations for existing Trustees based on length of service. Voting will most likely move towards a ballot rather than show of hands.


Janet raised the topic of board diversity and this has already been proposed as an agenda item for January 2021.


Trustees note Andrew’s comments and Andrew will redraft for a later meeting. Chris confirms that Sarah and Andrew will manage administration of future AGMs.


Education and Garden Reports

Ant thanks all staff and volunteers for hard work in the gardens. Chris confirms that the Director is doing a fantastic job.


September Minutes

The minutes from the September meeting were approved.



Sarah to distribute timetable for 2021 meetings.



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