Minutes of Trustee Meeting on 17 March 2021 


In attendance via Zoom: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Liz Day, Antonia Gross, David Roy, Joshua Piercey, Janet Worth, Derek Hoare, Kate Sebag (Director)


Apologies: Alice Noakes


Chair’s remarks

Chris recapped the points included on the agenda.


Directors report
Bubbles will continue for the next few weeks until the garden opens and there has been high take up of the new volunteer slots. The tuk tuk has been used for HLF deliveries and will be in use for charitable purposes. Online talks have been a great success and take up will be monitored over the rest of spring and summer with a view to longer term programming. The public fundraising campaign will be included for the May board.


Management Accounts
Donations from various sources have formed a considerable part of recent income. There has been plant and garden expenditure for garden maintenance and preparing products for sale. The expenditure includes for various barn and glazing outgoings. If income picks up following the easing of lockdown then the accounts will remain in good shape.

Kate pointed out the need for careful planning when deciding how activities can operate Oct 20-May 21. Andrew agrees, and reiterated the need for a range of activities to be considered. Chris confirmed that the current plan does not include too many days which would have significant impact on visitors or activities.


Budget for 21/22

This version ties into the 21/22 budget from January’s plan. It is currently difficult to predict the future but the figures should be attainable. Ant flagged that it needs to fits with the park team’s expectations. 


Brockwell Barn

The Building Sub-Committee (BSC) was held to discuss the stage 4 documentation. Dependent upon some additional detail being ironed out the BSC has agreed the documentation. Minutes from the BSC indicate stage 4 to be completed by 31/3. This leads into a quantitative survey which will inform the final cost estimate. The project will then go out to tender. Chris invites any questions over the next few weeks and is available to discuss. 


Election of the Executive Committee

Andrew proposed a revised process in November with a further paper presented in January. Now that there has been time to reflect a decision has been made. Trustees agree to adopt the revised process ready for Sept 20.


Staff reports

Link for Education was not available but will be shared on future agendas. All agreed that great work from the team has contributed to the success shown in the reports.



Sarah confirmed that the link was to the draft minutes and not the final version. Updated minutes to be circulated.