In attendance via Zoom: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Liz Day, Antonia Gross, David Roy, Joshua Piercey, Kate Sebag (Director)

Apologies: Alice Noakes, Janet Worth, Derek Hoare

Chair’s remarks

We are secure as a charity and preserving the main asset, the garden. Need to find ways of funding paid staff to operate the asset and this will be the focus of 2021. Plan shows more beneficial activities later in the year, with some communal activities.

Andrew will introduce and make remarks on the Management accounts (10)

Andrew – slight loss in December, and year overall. December’s retail sales remained strong. Honey, plants, and glass products fantastic sellers. Donations from boxes, online talks, and at till remain strong and JustGiving donations still coming in.

Reserves in place for barn and projects. Reserves within policy limits.

Ant – what is the retail development cost? Andrew – cost of sales for plant and produce. Andrew may amend heading.

Kate and Andrew will introduce a tentative 2021/22 Year plan and budget (20)

Andrew – are there plans for the tuktuk? Kate – contacted healthy living platform to see if can help with food deliveries, or to help with greening activities, and to use for markets (transport and display).

Ant – asks for update on recruitment for environmental educators. Kate – Beth has approached LEEF, no feedback yet. Liz – Q on quals for recruited contacts. Kate – of course! Ant – can we have a realistic budget figure for IT and phones? Andrew – yes, will review. Sarah & Ant – fundraising idea for friends scheme.

**Trustees should adopt the plan and delegate management to Director – ADOPTED

Kate, Janet and Sarah will propose a Draft Policy Paper on Children and Family Provision (20)
Trustees should adopt this policy paper

Kate – commissioned four months ago in response to feeling that not being break-even might mean provision may need to be revised. Janet and Kate produced paper. Now, staffing provision in plan and in practice are different. GGF dictates the outputs/objectives and monitoring of diversity etc.

Liz – Some of the objectives are hard to measure. Kate – we will be using the Edinburgh wellness scale.  

Brockwell Barn (20)
The building SC will review the final stage 4 proposal in detail but Trustees may comment on the base plan now if they wish.

Ant – hates sand!

Chris – hoping that the cost analysis allows these plans to materialize

Chris – proposes a vote of thanks to the anonymous donors.

Kate – proposes a vote of thanks to Chris.

Heating system to be agreed – Andrew’s question.

David – is there an energy calculation? Chris – documentation will be provided before he BSC meeting.  What has been circulated is a draft, mid Feb  expected date for final version. This will be sent to BSC when ready. Next step would be a quantitative survey.

Kate – great flow

Chris – visualization has removed the hob pods and furniture so looks bigger than it will feel.

Procedure for elections at the AGM (5)
Following Andrew’s review at the last TM we should now approve the proposed procedure

David – is this in line with the articles and CC guidelines?

Andrew – it’s not against those principles.

To be moved to next board.

Reports (10)



Minuted thanks to Beth from Ant.

Joshua – need to monitor the online workshops as well, the paid for adult workshops.

Liz – BPCG at home could be expanded upon.

Andrew – are there volunteers missing the opportunity to attend? Yes, there is a list of registered interest Do still have bubbled volunteering!

Minutes of the previous meeting

All agreed.

AOB – Ant – don’t forget to respect data protection and make sure no files (paper or electronic) held.