BPCG Volunteer Meeting 7th October 2018 1.30pm

Present: Doug, Ursula, Chris, Cat, Kate, Andy, Errol, Albert. Apologies Paul

1.Arup Canopy for decking was discussed and approved. Kate explained timber will be cut shortly at Hooke Park, and structure will be made and assembled at Hooke Park during October half term. Will be disassembled and transported to BPCG end Oct/beg November – and erected soon after.

2. The Annual Garden Plan – Any edible and ornamental plants you’d like to suggest for this 2018/19. Feedback too on this year. To Cat please. Note theme of Red Veg.  Chris to send Recipe for Green Tomato Chutney

3.Looking after our bird boxes and bat boxes. Agreed those that are in the trees still need cleaning and maintaining. Tree climbers / ladder climbers to be safe and always in pairs.
Cat to research how best to clean the boxes.
Those that have come down to be fixed back up after they have been maintained/cleaned.

Signs to be made indicating where they are – as visual as possible with minimal but necessary wording.

4. Cover for Better Fridays covered except perhaps 19th October. Cat to check and possibly ask Beth.

From 26th October Cat to work Fridays not Saturdays.
Cat to sort out with Andy/Dafydd/Doug Saturday cover for leading Sat sessions to end of year. Others welcome to lead Sat sessions. Please let Cat know if you are interested.

5. Next Volunteer meeting Thursday 25th October 2018 teatime

AOB:  Green Woodwork out of London – last appeal for interest made.

David and Chris both have deliveries on coming Thursday – compost and windows

Chris is looking for volunteers to work on fundraising for the Upper Greenhouse renovation. If you are interested please contact him on admin@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk