Volunteer Meeting April 29th 4pm

Attending: Marco, Paul, Robin, Jana, Chris, Kate, Cat, Lucie, Ursula, Andy, Luc, Eroll, Sarah, Jean Baptiste and others

1. May Fete 12 th May. Kate said all volunteers’ help very welcome. Andy to help with “PR”, Jana and Andy to put up May Pole in the morning, Katy Jane to help on day, Ursula too.

2. Herne Hill Free Film Festival 13th May, evening  8.30pm. Marco will help if he can. Sarah to help too

3. Field Day and Mighty Hoopla. June 1st to 3rd.  But build starts from May 21st and strike ends June 8th.  We agreed that we should close BPCG June 1st to 3rd to drop in volunteering and drop in visiting. Kate will circulate details of vehicular and pedestrian access for whole period in due course highlighting  where it will impact on Better Fridays and Schools groups.

4. Volunteer Party will be on Bastille Day 14th July.  The last party was organised by Paul, Jana, Emma, Marco, Jo.  Paul available for advice.  Helpers needed again this year.  Jana to ask Jane from SELFOLK if they’d like to play again.

5. Green Woodworking – update from Paul. Lots of sessions coming up over the summer with folk who have been inducted.  Paul agreed to make wood stumps for seating on decking.

6. Chris updated us on Leaky hose installation. By 20th May, Timers will be installed to come on in early hours of the morning. Before then, the water will need to be turned on for leaky hoses for a half hour in the morning. Cat said that we must check plants for any signs of wilting which will indicate a problem with the hoses – i.e. either not enough water, or a rupture somewhere.  We still need to install leaky hoses in tomato bed and perennial veg bed.

7. Watering generally – Please watch out for the electrics in the upper greenhouse – especially the electrics around the propagators! A sign must be made to alert people to this.  In future, we should introduce a misting system for the propagators.  Chris is going to do a hose audit throughout site – and a purchase – so that we are better set up for manual watering where it needs to be done.
Monday to Wednesday Watering Rota – Dafydd will cover most/some Mondays, Chris most Tuesdays, Jean Baptiste will cover Wednesdays when he can.  Still need cover for all  days when a)very hot b) when Daffyd/Chris?JB are away/busy.

8. Andy noted that he is very busy with paid jobs and therefore will fit in what he can with BPCG volunteering but will not be around as much as usual.