The Natural Kitchen – almost there!

After much hard work by our volunteers Andy and Annette and education officer Shayna, the children’s Natural Kitchen is almost complete!  The kitchen units have been buil, painted and furnished with a range of pots and pans, utensils, plates and cups, the living willow den, arch and fence are thriving, and we even have a pallet table and some log seating!

 On May 6th we held a May Fete at the Greenhouses, which was attended by a few hundred revellers who enjoyed maypole dancing, home-made pizzas from our cob oven, nature crafts and lots of fun games such as splat the rat and tug of war. As part of the festivities, we made the Natural Kitchen available for a trial play session. Within minutes of opening the gates, there were half a dozen children busy at play in the kitchen, and the area was occupied throughout the afternoon of the event. The good news is that it stood up to the heavy use and after a hose down after the event still looks good as new!

So, now to the last finishing touches before we officially open for the important business of play. Still to come are some curtains for the kitchen window, some digging pits made from old tractor tyres, and some planting.

On Saturday 3rd June from 1.30-4.30pm Andy, Shayna and Catherine will hold a workshop for adults and children to plant up the Natural Kitchen. Attendees will learn how to up-cycle pallets to make vertical planters, find out which plants are safe and sensory for use in a child-friendly garden, and fill up old welly boots and gardening gloves with a range of delightful plants for children to enjoy in this space. The workshop is FREE to attend but please book a space here.

After the workshop we will hold a little opening ceremony to officially declare the space OPEN!  Do come along and help us celebrate this wonderful new play space for young children.

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