Natural Kitchen – launched!

On Saturday 3rd June we held a fabulous workshop to plant up the kids’ Natural Kitchen with up-cycled planters made from pallets, welly-boots and gardening gloves. The plants were chosen because of their scents, colours, tolerance to the conditions, and safety for children. These included marigolds, various mints, fennel, nasturtiums and more. The session was well attended by both children and adults, on a lovely sunny day, and we finished with a little opening ceremony to thank participants for their help and, most importantly, to recognise all the hard work that our volunteer Andy has put into the project. Although we still have a few finishing touches to add, and I am sure the space will keep developing and evolving, it looks very colourful and welcoming and is essentially ready for the important business of play.

Planting in action

Andy cutting the ribbon

How will it be used?

The Natural Kitchen play space will be used in three key ways:

1) It will be available for children to play in during our regular opening hours Thursday-Sunday 10am-5pm, during which time it will have basic play equipment in the kitchen as well as the willow den to sit in (and hopefully soon to come, a digging pit). During family workshops on Mondays to Wednesdays during school holidays and occasional Saturday mornings, the space will also be available in this way, for younger siblings or those not engaged in the led workshop.

2) We will make the space available for school early years classes, private nursery groups or SEN groups to book, when it will be equipped with more kitchen materials and fully supervised by the Education team.

3) We will be introducing a regular toddler club in the near future, which will include a dedicated play slot in the Natural Kitchen. Keep an eye on the website for details.

We hope the space will entice many young children to enter, play, imagine and create…

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