This Sunday September 8th at 2.30pm to 3.30pm, we will be having a welcome session for new volunteers.  This is a chance for new volunteers who have recently registered with us to meet BPCG people, hear about what we do and have a look around the garden.   If you’d like to find out more about BPCG do come! All are welcome.

Also, this week is our the last call out for BPCG members. If you think you have volunteered 4 times or more during 2019 and have not yet received a notice that you have been awarded membership please contact Chris now on We think this will be mostly people who have registered in the last two months. Our AGM will take place at the greenhouses on 29th September at 2.30pm. Notice of the meeting will be sent to members in the week commencing 15th September.

Advance request…..We Like to Eat Cake after our AGM.  So if you are able to provide a cake or biscuits to reward us all for our AGM attendance, please let Kate know by replying to this email. Any flavour will do (!) but please bring a note stating the ingredients used.

In September and October we start our ‘annual’ gardening courses which are designed to improve gardening confidence and competence and take place once per month on Sunday mornings. The first of these start on Sunday September 15th at 10.00am

Participants will plan and maintain the Kitchen Garden around the seating circle and the perennial kitchen garden. You will learn how to grow salads, vegetables, fruit and edible flowers in your own garden, balcony or allotment mostly grown from seed. The focus is on intensive growing for small spaces and on ‘no-dig’ gardening.

This is a popular workshop and early booking is advised. BOOK HERE

Our other regular Sunday morning gardening workshops for the year are as follows:
The Productive Garden. More details are here. First session Sun Sept 29th 10am to 1pm

Designing and Maintaining Borders. More details are here. First session Sun Oct 6th 10am to 1pm

The Composters Year. More details are here. First session Sun Oct 20th 11am to 1pm.

This week in the garden, there will be more harvesting to do including raspberries, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and chard.

We are also trying to keep on top of all the bindweed that is encroaching from the park. It is very distinctive at this time of the year with its white trumpet shaped flowers. We are removing as much of it as possible, roots and all.

Finally, a date for your diary:  21st Annual London Harvest Festival is on Saturday, 28 September, 2019 at Woodlands Farm Trust in Greenwich.  It’s a great fun free event. For more details have a look at this.  If you have the appetite for horticultural and plant /food related competition, do have a look at this too and consider what we can enter from BPCG.