In the garden this week, it’s time for some maintenance!  We will deconstruct the misting system in the greenhouse, and clean the misting nozzles using vinegar to remove the calcium deposits that have built up in them over the summer. Then the clean irrigation components can be labelled and carefully put away for future use.

Outside in the vegetable beds we will be removing the connecting pieces for our leaky hose irrigation systems, cleaning and storing these.

It’s time to start raking up leaves from around the garden and putting them in the new small compost bay by our new apiary.  Andy will be starting his composting workshops Sunday October 20th 11am to 1pm so to find out about making leaf mould and all other types of composting, do come along..

All around the garden there are many rose hips which have now turned a lovely red colour and are ready to harvest to make rose hip syrup.

This Sunday 13th Oct, It’s our last Pizza day of 2019, so if you are looking for a delicious sourdough pizza freshly baked in a Cob Oven do book a Pizza Ticket

Also this weekend…we could do with a little extra help  
Firstly at Our Market Stall at Herne Hill Market.  You don’t need to be there for the whole day (!) But if you can spare a couple of hours between 9.30am and 4pm, this would be great. We meet at BPCG at 9.30am to pack up the trolleys to roll down the hill to the market. Then pack up the plants that we haven’t sold around 3.15pm to roll them back to BPCG. If you can reply to this email saying when you might be available, that would be great!

Secondly at BPCG helping get the upper greenhouse ready for Nkomba’s Gig at the Greenhouses for the Herne Hill Music Festival 4pm to 5pm. People will start arriving around 3.30pm and it’s expected to be A SELL OUT GIG so at least 70 guests expected who we hope will eat lots of cake!  So your help is needed any time between 2pm and 6pm with set up, selling refreshments and clear up afterwards. Again please reply to this email if you can help out.

(and…if you can’t make it this weekend, there’s our Harvest Festival Feast coming up on Saturday 19th October when we would love your help prepping the food (cob oven roasted squash with salads and sauces) and getting the site ready.  We will get going at 10am, our guests arrive at 1pm, then we clear up afterwards (should be finished by 5.30pm).

In other news…of Workshops and Free Theatre Tickets

We have 8 free tickets for a production of Lorca’s Blood Wedding on Saturday October 26th at 2.30pm at the Young Vic. If you would like one, please reply to this email.

By popular demand, Sally Ramsden is continuing her Garden Yoga classes into November.  If the weather is fine and warm enough, these will take place on the decking. If it’s a little chilly, the yoga can be in the lovely lower greenhouse.  For more information about her slow flow restorative yoga and to book, go here

Paddy Reynolds is continuing his one to one guitar lessons too on Saturday mornings. Again if it’s chilly, we can find a warm quiet space for Paddy to teach so don’t worry about that.  For more information go here

Jelena’s next Fermentation workshop is on Sunday October 20th 11am to 1.30pm. You will taste many delicious Christmassy ferments that Jelena has prepared for this workshop and you will make piccalilli sauerkraut, zingy turshiya brined vegetables and probiotic-rich water kefir. For more details and to book go here

And….we now have Tai Chi sessions being offered at the Greenhouses by Andy Petch on Saturday mornings from October 26th. To find out more and to book go here

New Greenwood introductory classes on Fridays and Sundays are also bookable here.  There are Introductions to Sculpture classes and also Introductions to making spoons and spatulas.