This weekend we will finally be reopening to the public – from 11 to 4! 

In the greenhouse there are a lot of small seedlings to pot up, many of which are our bush tomatoes, which are growing well. 

We have a selection of early potatoes that we will be planting in carrier bags to sell later as a sort of ‘portable vegetable garden’ which can be grown anywhere that gets some daylight.

We are working our way around the raised vegetable beds, and this week will complete the sowing of root vegetables by sowing parsnips and carrots in the lower four crop roots vegetable bed. The varieties of parsnip we will grow are Sabre, and Tender and True. The carrot variety is Katrin. Later the leeks ‘Zermatt’ which we have started off in deep pots in the greenhouse will also be planted out into the roots bed once the leek seedlings have grown to about pencil thickness.  

An invasive edible plant called Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum) has made its way across from the park and into the BPCG woodland and we need to check its spread by a thorough digging up.  Alexanders looks quite like ground elder, another invasive edible plant but it grows much bigger and has spectacular yellow-green umbelliferous flowers.

Every part of the Alexanders plant is edible.  It flowers from April to June. The stalks and leaves taste like a cross between celery and parsley and its black seeds are spicey and peppery. Alexanders used to be used as a fodder plant for horses, which is probably why it’s also known as horse parsley. 

In other BPCG news, there are a few free places for BPCG volunteers at 5 Rhythms Easter Bank Holiday Dance Session at the Greenhouses on Monday 5th April.  Please reply to this email, if you’d like to take one of these up. We’ll ask you to help Richard and his team with setting up and clearing up.  So you’d need to come at 4.30pm and would be finished by 8.15pm. The session itself runs between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.   Details on the session are here

On Tuesday 13th April at 7pm, please join artist and art historian Lucy Gallwey for some virtual travels through Italy. Lucy will be giving an online illustrated talk about her journeys in Italy in search of the plants and landscapes Renaissance artist Giovanni Bellini may have travelled to, to create the setting for his famous painting ‘St Francis in the Desert’. Tickets (free or by donation) are here

In other news, Vauxhall City Farm are looking for a cafe supervisor.  Full job details and ways to apply are here: