The journey of a Black Ash from Ealing

This is a story about how a fallen tree is turning into something amazing. It started for me when Carrie Towers, whose garden the tree was growing in, got in touch in August 2017 to say that it had been blown down one windy night. It had been bought down because of a fungus, Inonutus […]

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high line

Form, Texture and Colour in Planting Design

With winter preparation now almost complete the Hot! border is looking rather empty. But at least there’s not much more work to do. This leaves the group with plenty of time to think about planting design. We’ll mostly be in the greenhouse but, weather permitting we’ll also be taking a look at a couple of […]

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PIC 3-mohair jumper_ dyedwithgoldenrods

Growing Colour

Growing and using colour from plants was the subject of three dye workshops run by Diane Sullock, a Greenhouses lead volunteer. The Workshops were held at Carmelita Centre where Vauxhall Farm Spinners and dyers meet, in an example of partnership working. Our Golden rods (Solidago) from the dye garden were harvested this fall and the […]

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Designing the Ornamental Border

Ornamental gardening is, by its very nature, a show.You are the designer, producer and director of this show. You need to make sure that all of your plants appear and flower on time, that they look good together and that the show lasts for as long as you had planned. Having looked at assessing your […]

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