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Bats, Cabbages and Canna

This week in the garden, we will be sowing some brassica seeds that require no additional heat for germination. These are three varieties of kohlrabi – Kohlrabi Blue Azur and Purple and White Vienna Mix. We will also sow two varieties of kale which do very well in our garden – Cavolo Nero and Pentland Brig. These will […]

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Large female bee in the family Apidae, with orange pollen brush on hind legs

Snowdrops, Solitary Bees and Freelance Work

Over the past couple of weeks in the garden, our snowdrops have been busy flowering away in the woodland. To increase their numbers for next year, now that the flowering is over, we are going to lift and divide them. This is called ‘lifting in the green’.  Unlike many other bulbs, snowdrops move well when still […]

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The Well Gardened Mind – an evening with Sue Stuart Smith

If you missed our most recent BPCG At Home online talk in our series ‘Women on Nature and Wildlife” you can catch it now until 9th March. A huge thank you to Sue Stuart-Smith for such an inspiring and illuminating evening. The Well Gardened Mind is available in all good bookshops, and as an audiobook: […]

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Physalis and a Wassailing Tune

In the greenhouse this week, we will be potting up the first batch of tomato seedlings that are now large enough to be moved from their wee modules into pots. Once potted up, we will keep the tomatoes in our cooler wooden propagator. It’s about 5C less hot than the germination progagator.  All this potting up will […]

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Spuds & The Well Gardened Mind

This week, we are going to chit our spuds!  Chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting. We start chitting the potatoes about six weeks before we intend to plant them outside. Each seed potato has an end which is more rounded and blunt than the others – and has a number of ‘eyes’. […]

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