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Notes on Wildlife, Squash Roast-up and Vron wins a Prize

This week in the garden, A few words about our work to encourage wildlife and bio-diversity in the gardens. We try to ensure natural processes in the garden including pollination of flowers, breaking down of compost, and a good supply of natural predators that eat up pests that are harmful to our plants.  All these […]

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Pepo Berries, Raka Band and Pick n Mix Herbs

This week in the garden now that the autumn has begun you may have noticed beyond our (cut back) perennial meadow the large vegetable bed which was a jungle of squash leaves only a month ago. Now the leaves are dying back to reveal the ‘fruit’ that has been hidden underneath. These are winter squashes […]

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Bindweed, Couch Grass and Horsetail

Last week a lot of work was done in tidying up beside the upper greenhouse next the the apiary. There is still a little more work to do weeding and tidying this area and using up our piles of brush wood to make dead hedges which make good wildlife habitats. Then the area should be […]

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Melons and Morning Glory

This week in the garden we will be making semi ripe cuttings from some of the different varieties of roses we have growing around the garden as well as making more cuttings of lavender and sage. We will be collecting seeds from the Morning glory plants Ipomoea muricata to form part of our collection of […]

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Gathering Seeds

Last year our perennial meadow flowered through ’till the end of September with a range of late summer perennials succeeding the umbilifers. However this year the meadow’s performance hasn’t been as good and the heatwave wasn’t kind to the plants. On Sunday we cut back the meadow using the traditional tool, a scythe. After this, […]

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