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BPCG at Home

In 2021, we want to grow and sell lots more house plants to raise funds for the charity. To do this, we need to develop some stock plants over the winter period on our heated mats in the greenhouses.  Come the Spring, we will be able to grow many ‘babies’ from these.  The plants we are […]

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This week, we will be starting our big winter greenhouse clean. It’s the best time of year to do this because we have very few plants growing in them now. We will clean the windows to remove limescale. This will bring even more light inside for the plants. We will also clean the staging with a […]

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Working up an Alternate Nativity

This week in the garden, we will be working on all the fantastic willow that Lambeth kindly let us have from the prunings of the childrens’ willow tunnel in the park playground. We will make bases for Christmas wreaths and we are also going to make willow sculptures of farm animals, the odd reindeer – and […]

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Know your Onions

This week in the garden we will prepare the roots bed in the lower garden, (the bed next to the cob oven) and plant three different varieties of onion sets, the lovely red onion ‘Electric’, a white variety called ‘Snowball’ and a yellow variety called ‘Radar’. Onion sets are small onions grown from seed the […]

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Delivering Differently

A Big Despatch, The Staircase and Dried Things

This week, we are going to be sending out 150 of our Mint and Basil Plants, jars of Rosemary Salt and Lemon Verbena Tea, together with 150 bottles of Apple Juice from The Orchard Project, 150 jars of South London Honey from beekeeper Karin Courtman, 300 Masks made by South London Makerspace and 150 each of our Outdoor play and learning […]

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