This week in the garden we will be sowing a variety of parsnip called ‘Tender and True’ directly outdoors in the roots bed in the lower garden. This is the bed that already has nicely developing autumn planted shallots and garlic. We will sow the seed in drills one and a half cm deep and space the seed at approximately two seeds per 2cm. This is called station sowing where we sow a couple of seeds every few centimetres where one final plant is intended. Once the seedlings have emerged, in 2- 3 weeks, we will choose the strongest one and thin out the others.

Parsnips are a hardy, cool season crop that need a long growing season and are best harvested after the first frosts. The frost tends to sweeten their flavour. Parsnips are one of the few root vegetables that store well in the ground, so we will only be lifting them when we want to use them. The other roots bed in the upper garden we will be covering with fleece or matting so as to warm the soil. Once the soil has warmed up we will sow our beetroot seeds.

We will be harvesting the remainder of our chard also known as perpetual beet. It has been growing since last year, but now is the time to clear this bed ready for this year’s seed sowing. We will be harvesting the chard/beet stems and leaves, washing them and putting them in bags ready to sell.

We will be making organic plant feed using our comfrey plants (pictured). These plants are growing around the garden and they already have lovely fresh young leaves produced this spring. We will cut their leaves and chop them into small pieces, place in a bucket, weight the leaves down with a brick and fill the bucket with water ensuring that the leaves are submerged. In 3-4 weeks’ time our organic comfrey plant feed should be ready to use. It should be high in potassium (K) which will be very useful for our tomatoes and other flowering and fruiting plants. A word of warning, comfrey tea is very smelly!

Would you like to help make Pizzas? Now Spring is here, we’re looking forward to firing up the cob oven for pizza making! We’ve got our new decking area to host guests and now we are in need of volunteers to help roll dough, make toppings and wield the baker’s peel on our Pizza Days! It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon activity, starting at 11am and finishing around 3pm, and we would love your help. Our 2019 dates are 14/4, 11/5 (May Fete),16/5, 14/7, 18/8, 22/9.  If interested, please email Emma on: Helpers of course get to eat the freshest and most al fresco pizzas in …..well in Brockwell Park!

And would you like to help us run our Gigs in the Greenhouses?  We have lots of Gigs at the Greenhouses between April and October.  Our first one is on Sunday April 7th with Faith i Branko If you can help at this or future gigs, please get in touch with Kate on   On 7th, we will need to set up at 2.30pm and will be clearing up until 9pm.  Any time you can give will be most appreciated!  Second gig is on April 28th 5pm to 8pm with Doolally Tap.  Spread the word!