This week in the garden

We hope to complete the preparation of the raised beds in the upper four crop by topping them up with top soil which is being delivered this week. The beds should then be ready for sowing vegetables. If we have time we will sow the legumes bed with peas.

The top soil will also be used to fill up the new planter in the passive greenhouse where we will be growing a range of salad crops. These will include different sorts of lettuce and greens such as bak choy, choy sum, Mizuna, Greek cress, mustard and rocket.  All being well, these will serve as delicious salad accompaniment to our pizzas cooked in our cob oven just next door to the passive greenhouse!

The willow woven herb spiral in the seating circle is now complete and looks very attractive. Bravo to all who worked on this especially Steve and Scarlet last week in the pouring rain! It now needs to be lined and filled with soil ready for planting herbs. We will be planting mints and other herbs that are good for making herbal teas. See below for which parts of plants have beneficial effects when made into teas.   Most are said to be very calming so let’s look forward to a very chilled out summer…..

Lemon balm leaves – calming

Mint leaves – digestive and calming

Angelica root – digestive

Catnip leaves – calming

Lavender buds – calming

Chamomile buds – relaxing and good for a sore tummy

Feverfew leaves – good to reduce nausea and migraines

The herbs in the herb garden are now starting to grow at a pace, and so too are the weeds. Therefore it is time to weed these beds.

The area around the pond needs some attention too. It is time to remove the invasive grasses, roots and all, otherwise they will out compete the wild flowers we would prefer to see growing there!

The willow arch, fence and dome near the front entrance all need some attention. It is time to add more fresh willow to all of these structures. We have plenty of willow, so will be planting additional willow rods and ensuring that they have enough soil to root well.

In the greenhouse there is more seed sowing to be done. We will be starting off our beans inside, ready to plant out once all risk of late frosts have passed. (Most beans except for broad beans are frost sensitive) which is why we start them off in the protected environment of the greenhouses. We will be planting runner beans, and French beans in pots.