Our consultation with local people received well over 2000 votes in favour of us proceeding with “the Barn,” our ambitious renovation and extension project. Now we need your to help us raise £10,000 for Phase 1 of the project.

This renovation will start in January 2020 and will take place over the whole year. We estimate it will cost us about £35,000; if we raise £10,000 from the community we expect to be able to raise another £25,000 from grant giving organisations, and we are asking for your support in helping us do this. Please give us what you can afford today.

Our main upper greenhouse is currently very leaky, many of the glass panes and seals need replacing, the floor is uneven, the electrics need re-doing, the south brick wall and guttering need repair and the ventilation needs attention. Your donations will help up tackle all of this:

£5 is enough to buy a sealing strip for one pane of glass.

£10 will replace 5 bricks in our crumbling south wall.

£25 will provide 1 square-metre of new flooring.

£100 will replace 1 pane of plastic with new glass.

We’ll use your donations to reseal all the glass – replacing the polycarbonate with new glass – and improve the flooring. We will also re-engineer the ventilation and irrigation systems as well as improve the electrics. Finally we will repair the crumbling south wall and turn the old cold frame into a raised bed for local children to garden in. We will do all this in 2020.

We’ll see the benefit of Phase 1 straight away, as these renovations will make a big difference to our visitors, volunteers and local schoolchildren.

Thank you for your generosity, and thank you for helping us Raise the Barn.