The BPCG greenhouse, our namesake and community hub, is in urgent need of renovation and we need your help to save it! Every pound donated will be doubled – up to our target of £5,500.

This funding drive is running for a limited time, ending on Sunday 12th May!

Our greenhouse is a huge part of our history, our present and our future, as a charity centred in growing and teaching others to grow. Since being built in 1981 our greenhouse has helped us to develop our charitable work and been a consistent hub for so much activity, as a classroom and events space, as well as for all plant propagation and growing. Now we need your help to save this beautiful space.

Why should you donate?

Currently our greenhouse isn’t functioning as it should, water leaks in and the heat leaks out, meaning we can’t use it as much and as efficiently as we would like to. It also means that our volunteers and school groups that use the space often get wet when it rains! We would like to be able to renovate it and make sure we can use it for many more years to come.

What will your donation mean to BPCG?

Your donation will enable us to repair and restore our beloved greenhouse and keep it going for many more years. We will be able to replace the glass panes and repair the metal work, meaning that the greenhouse will be able to work as it should – a bright, leak-free, waterproof and efficient space for our community to get together and grow all year round.


Don’t forgot that your donation will be doubled at no extra cost! Thanks to our generous anonymous funder every £1 will be doubled, up to £5,500. Raising a total of £11,000!

Thank you!