For KS3 pupils and above, the resources of our site offer plentiful opportunities for in-depth learning experiences whether you are planning a one-off visit or a project to be spread over several weeks or months.

For science students we can provide hands-on opportunities to study plants, invertebrates and the complex interrelationships between these two groups of organisms.   We can carry out an investigation into soil – its vital role in the water cycle and its role in supporting healthy ecosystems.   We have digital microscopes to make these studies an enriching experience.

The sessions can focus on humans and the environment looking at the impact we have – both positive and negative – on the natural world around us.  The gardens provide a unique opportunity to explore the impacts of climate change and the role plants have in helping us to tackling the problem.

We also have a range of produce grown on site in our orchard, our kitchen garden and our herb garden. Sessions can look at where our food comes from and how it is grown.  We have a large kitchen on site where classes can cook and prepare dishes with foods they may not have tasted before.

Other projects have included making stop motion films, mapping the garden, seed harvesting and dying with plants.  There is a whole range of learning opportunities we could offer. Get in touch to discuss how we could link in with learning at your school.

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